Andy Capp Beer Kits

Andy Capp Beer Making Kits

Modern day beer kits ranges continue to expand with top quality home brew beer kits that produce great beer at cheap prices without losing out on quality. The Daily Mirrors top cartoon can vouch for personally as he has just launched his own brand new range of beer making kits with Muntons in Stowmarket, one of the world’s largest beer kit manufacturers.

The Andy Capp range has been developed with The Daily Mirror and Muntons to capture the essence and character of beers that have been enjoyed by this lovable rogue and his closest friends; in a nutshell, beers that really go down a treat!

There are three classic ales to choose from;

  1. Andy’s Ale is, unsurprisingly, Andy's favourite – the one that Jack the barman at the corner pub always has waiting for him when he rolls through the door at opening time. It's a classic, strong British Ale with rich malty overtones and a strong hoppy bite. It's well balanced, with a creamy head that lasts until the final drop is drunk.
  2. Chalkie's Best Bitter has all of the character that you would expect from a quality, northern style beer. A warm, creamy, easy-drinking, malty beer that's not too hoppy. This one has the perfect balance to tickle the taste buds.
  3. Flo’s Golden Ale drinks like an ale, yet looks like a lager. It's great for summer days (and evenings) as it's light and refreshing with a lovely hoppy nose and perfect balance. It's the perfect pint for Flo – after cleaning houses all day, and cleaning up after Andy all the time, she likes to finish up with a delicious, refreshing tipple.

“The new Andy Capp beer making kits make home brewing simple, fool-proof and truly remarkable beers,” says Linda Arthrell, UK Homebrew Sales Manager at Muntons. “We think they are as good as the best pub pint and, as they are ready to drink in just three weeks, they make a perfect gift.”

Even though he loves the pub, these days Andy Capp tends to drink at home more and more. That's because he's discovered the great taste of beer made at home with his very own beer making kits! We all know that it must be something very special to keep Andy at home to face the wrath of Flo. Made from 100% pure malt extract these beer kits deliver 40 pints of pub style quality all from his own beer kit range Not to miss out Flo has her own Golden ale beer kit and Chalkie his best bitter beer kit

Easy to make, with easy to follow beer making instructions, Andy has really got to grips with home beer making. Flo has even been off his back latley, as he's not spending all of her hard earned cash down the pub!