Have confidence in the hops we supply, the finest available and the latest harvests

Geterbrewed supply a large amount of hops to the homebrew and microbrewery community throughout Ireland and the UK

The key to our success and high quality starts from where we source the hops and they how they are transported to us and subsequently stored and re packed as necessary.

Geterbrewed have invested heavily in the correct equipment to correctly cold store hops, we store all our hops at 4 degrees. We use top quality foil bags for all repacking and they are nitrogen flushed and vac packed.

We have now built up strong relationships with hop farmers from across the globe, we pay a premium price but buying direct allows us to give the growers a little more and in turn they care about the quality of the product we receive.

You will hear nightmare stories about containers of hops being taken through the Panama Canal without correct refrigerated transport, this results in a poor hop supply when it arrives into the UK/ Europe. Recently we have new hop suppliers pushing this out at cheap prices making people think they are providing a saving.

We have our hops transported and stored correctly, we now have the expertise and experience to ensure we are providing the very best hops we can. We know our hop stocks are the best in the marketplace.

In recent years we have focused purely on t90 hop pellets for numerous reasons which I have covered on previous blogs but as our microbrewery business has grown we can now offer leaf hops to Microbrewers that have systems that don’t work with hop pellets.

We are proud of the quality of our hops and are pleased to have been able to drive down the price of homebrew hops as we have expanded our buying power.

Geterbrewed launch a Craft Distillery

So that time we decided to launch our own Gin to the Craft Distilling scene in Northern Ireland….. as if we didn’t have enough going on you may say…

Well it has been a long process, we started with this idea just about two years ago and set about researching it. We wanted to launch our own brand of Gin and wanted it to be something close to our hearts so we could use that passion to drive it forward

To start we needed a still and we rang the usual suspects and were surprised at their response for a waiting time, they wanted us to wait a minimum of two years to receive the copper pot still.

I always love a challenge and when its something i’m passionate about I can be quite driven for those of you that know me. I then started to enquire about building our own range of copper pot stills.

Little did we know that one of the largest copper  tank manufacturers was on our doorstep but they had never built a copper pot still before, so we sought the assistance of our brewing consultant friend George who has a wealth of experience in the brewing and distilling industry and we asked him to work on some copper pot still drawings.

The prototype is now our current Pot Still, the first copper pot still manufactured in Ireland in many years. We have already started work on a larger 500 litre and 1000 litre Copper Pot Still.

Craft Distilling is going through a major growth phase and we aim to supply copper pot stills to new distilleries throughout the UK & Ireland.

Our own brand of Gin is called “Frankie & Eileens” and our talented friend Ally Simpson from Supersimbo received the brief of what we wanted to try and achieve with this brand. We named it after our two grandmothers and sought to make a Gin packed with flavour, we use 13 botanicals in total and have added some local botanicals with the addition of Potato & Pea Pods. Ally has really done us proud with the design and we think his artwork is beautiful and elegant.

We will be telling the story behind the Gin in the coming weeks….

If you are interested in starting your own distillery we would love to work with you on the project. We already sell distilling malt & gin botanicals for craft distillers and have embarked on a steep learning curve designing our current range of Geterbrewed Copper Distilleries. This industry is hard enough so we are happy to help if you need a few pointers

Checkout the website for our gin here;


The Belfast Craft Beer Festival 2018

This year well…. to summarise the weather saved the day, the sun was shining, the queues got longer and the breweries well they sold out….yes I said sold out!!

Belfast beer festival Geterbrewed

I have to say i’m pleasantly surprised by this and feel had the sun not of been shining i’m not so sure the organisers would have been back for another year.

This is the third year the event has run at Custom House Square Belfast and we had a stand at the event with our own brewery Hillstown Brewery and one of our brewers has started to cuckoo brew with us, so he brought 11 new beers under his Barrahooley brand. I’m kinda proud of what Sam achieved as he worked his nuts off on the run up to the event brewing specials for the Belfast beer crowd and they flew out all weekend. He gave up a corporate job to follow his passion in brewing.

Highlights for me were the Juniper Gin Gose from Lough Gill Brewery, the NEIPA 5 from Rascals plus Boyne Brewery & Barrahooleys Imperial Stout Offerings. I’m not a massive cider fan but I was really impressed with Mckeevers Rhubarb & Honey Cider.

My guys did a blueberry sour for Hillstown Brewery and we showed off the NEIPA we brewed with the Porterhouse brewery called Hazy Border, this was brewed during our brewing seminar and I was super pleased with the feedback.

A mention to Samuels Brewery also as I spoke to Gary, he left a job working for Tennents to try his hand at launching a brewery In Northern Ireland, this is some undertaking to be fair to him, he is contract brewing at Knockout brewery and whilst he isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel he wants to try his hand at offering beers with actual flavour here so fair play, he’s driven and I hope to see more of this happening

I enjoyed the craic on the friday night and have to say the music was cracking the food was great & the crowd was really enjoying the atmosphere so I drank a little too much on the friday and decided to work the saturday night but still had a laugh and it was great to put some faces to the names we often interact with on social channels.

Next year is booked and with the lift in the marketing and promotion this year and the success of this years event i’m sure next years will be bigger and better.

We need more support for the local craft beer scene, sadly only about 2% of beer consumption is craft beer in Northern Ireland and we need to get away from the Macro strong hold on draft beer to help the local Micro breweries grow, so if you see a beer festival promoting local craft beers go along and show the guys some support.

I have an understanding of what it takes and believe me when I say it they need your support to survive.


The Irish Brewing Industry

We love what we do and we want to help grow the Independent Craft Beer Movement in Ireland, our thought on how we can help is to put the beer first.

To put the beer first we need to help brewers make the best possible beer they can, Geterbrewed try our best to source and supply the best possible ingredients possible. We have started to distribute brewing ingredients to the majority of the breweries throughout Ireland, we now want to use the connections we have to provide technical support and further education.

Our first brewing seminar saw the following talks, I’ve attached all the slide shows for reference ;

Wild & Sour Beer Science or Art? by Robert Percival


Base & Speciality malts and the flavour impact by Colin Johnston


Process tips & tricks in Mashing & Boiling by Carl Heron


Yeast Flavour & the Evolution of beer Styles by Robert Percival


The Old & The New Getting your best from your finings by Sarah Young

If you have recommendations for what you would like us to cover in our next seminar please drop us an email at info@geterbrewed.com

Thanks for the support, we genuinely appreciate it


Irish Brewing Seminar

Irish Brewing Seminar

This coming Thursday (19th), at the beautiful new Porterhouse Brewery, an event just for the brewers and brewery owners we love what we do and have put together a day to showcase the brands that we represent as exclusive distributors throughout Ireland

10am – Introduction from Geterbrewed

1015-1100 Base & Speciality malts and the flavour impact by Colin Johnston

1100-1145 Brewdeck Tour of Porterhouse (NEIPA being brewed on the day)

1145-1230 Yeast Flavour & the Evolution of beer Styles by Robert Percival

1230-1330 Lunch provided by Burger Republic

1330-1415 Wild & Sour Beer Science or Art? by Robert Percival

1415-1445 Process tips & tricks in Mashing & Boiling by Carl Heron

1445-1530 The Old & The New Getting the Best from your finings by Sarah Young

1530-1600 Break for beers

1600-1615 Arc Net Block Chain Technology & Labelling

1615-1630 Exporting Irish Beer by Liam Brogan

1630-1700 Social Time

The Best In The Industry will be Attending;
Crisp Malt
Lallemand Yeast
Ab Vickers

From the Attic to the warehouse

From the Online Homebrew Shop based in our Attic at home to the Brewery Distribution Warehouse

geterbrewed logo

We are in business five years and wow it’s been a journey, thankyou all, genuinely thankyou its been amazing…….so…….

Why start a Homebrew shop?

We both loved brewing beer and wine at home and wanted to be able to buy great quality wine kits and a diverse range of beer ingredients from our local homebrew shop, we found the selection locally to be more based on simple kits and no all grain ingredients, we wanted to experiment with premium quality wine kits and try our hand at brewing beer from scratch not just extract kits. So we started writing a business plan for selling our own and researching if there was in fact a homebrew wholesaler. We started with an Irish Homebrew company but quickly realised they weren’t a real homebrew wholesaler so we opened accounts with a few of the UK wholesalers and started to sell brewing ingredients and equipment online.

It was really difficult to start with, how do you get the attention of the homebrew community, how do you know what to stock and how do you compete with what appeared to be a ‘homebrew cartel’ in Ireland, the key to our success in my opinion was to focus on the customer and the quality of the ingredients, so we put the home brewer first. Look I’ll be honest it was a steep learning curve and we didn’t always get it right but that helped us learn and are very proud of our business now. We supply a lot of the local homebrewing community and we also supply a large number of breweries

The Home brew website?

It has evolved from a basic online home brew store to a Microbrewery Equipment & Brewery Ingredient supplier. There is so many funny stories about the website in the last 5 years but we have always tried to make the Geterbrewed website the most user friendly in the industry. Our friend is our web developer and even though it has grown beyond all of our expectations he stills oversees its running but has other professionals that now help out. When he took a stroke at 34 and we went to the hospital with the Ipad to get a few issues fixed it shows you how dedicated he was and how utterly obsessed we were with our homebrew business… thats a true story… we eat sleep and breath this business


What sets Geterbrewed apart?

  • The Service
  • The Education of home brewers
  • We cater from Hedgerow brewer to Pro Brewer
  • The custom recipe builder – we wanted to do this right from the start and we now have successful set it as the best-selling service in the UK & Ireland

Geterbrewed set out to start a homebrew revolution on the 1st of April 2013, five years later we have evolved somewhat and have been blessed with success, we want to personally thank you all for your support, without homebrewers and microbreweries supporting us we wouldn’t exist.

It all started in our attic at home, we bought a range of beer kits, cider kits and wine kits and some really basic brewing equipment. When we got fed up walking up and down into the attic we moved to the garage and then moved to Hillstown Farmshop and partnered with the Logan’s, we launched our own brewery and set up a warehouse at the rear of the shop, we are very grateful to Nigel and his family for our time at the shop, we created local employment and started to move into supplying breweries, now we have an 8000 square foot warehouse very close to the shop, we couldn’t expand any further at the back of the shop and with us now selling 1000’s of tonnes of malt we had to move…we still have a small shop presence at Hillstown also

What’s next for Geterbrewed?

We will continue to offer the freshest brewing ingredients we can, we have recently started to sell Microbrewery equipment and now install fully operational breweries, we installed a brewpub In County Offaly last week and we have a new Brewery just ordered this week for Worchester in the UK, we really love what we do and can’t really thank you all enough for allowing us to work with you.

Geterbrewed will grow & build on our exclusive relationships with key suppliers, we have built strong relationships with Crisp Malt, Lallemand Yeast, Hop Farmers and UK & Global Homebrew wholesalers. We have exciting projects ongoing with Brewiks Microbrewery Equipment and we are driven to grow our business further.

Gin and Distilleries…yes as if we haven’t enough on….

Without giving too much away we have some really exciting plans and we will continue to keep our focus on you the customer, we put your first, we thankyou for the support, our staff thankyou for your support and we promise to keep investing in the business and to keep generating local employment.

Finally, I have experienced some amazing things with this business and met and made some incredible friends. We have travelled to source the finest ingredients across the globe and we are very grateful for the team we have, we have an awesome set of staff and they love what they do, thanks for joining the revolution and please stay with us on this journey!


The GEB Crew

Creating New Beer Styles

New Beer Styles

New Beer Styles

Craft brewers are always pushing the limits of what a beer can achieve, it’s one of the very reasons I love it so much. I enjoyed a coffee sour beer from Crate brewery recently at a beer festival and myself and my friend are still talking about it. I had the pleasure recently of listening to a presentation from Alex Barlow on New Beer Styles and noted some of his thoughts which I found very interesting

So what’s new in beer?

Everything it seems…..

  • Innovative Ingredients
  • Additions
  • Packaging & Packaging Processes
  • Styles
  • Names

But also it could be argued nothing has changed…..

  • It’s the same big 4 ingredients and beer has always been innovated and developed, whereas there was limited beer styles in the 80’s nowadays its very different.

 What is a beer style?

  • Re Exploring Old Beers
  • Brewing with More
  • Brewing with less, e.g Gluten Free and low abv beers
  • Blurring Boundaries and creating new styles

So What is Beer?

A non distilled fermented extract broken down into three families’;

  1. Ales
  2. Lagers
  3. Mixed

This is turn is then sub divided into many beer styles, modern beer styles are influenced by their historical predecessors which are influenced by;

  • Different Countries
  • Wars & Taxation
  • Changing Tastes & Experiences
  • Foreign imports, marketing and advertising
  • The Craft Beer Scene has always been about innovative trends and styles evolving and will always be so

How do you define a beer style?

  • Ingredients
  • Techniques
  • ABV
  • Colour
  • Bitterness
  • Clarity

Re Exploring old beer styles…..

So How do we reinvent and evolve old styles, lets look at the styles…

IPA’S – Ever popular but there has been branching off of the style to include the following, British IPA, American IPA, Double IPA, Session IPA, New England IPA, Fruit IPA, Black IPA

Lagers – Traditionally adhered to Czech & German Styles but now we are starting to see dry hopped lager, Let’s not forget that to Lager means to store and that the maturation and carbonation are fundamental to the balance of the lager. Lagers generally have a more subtle flavor but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be adapted

Continental Ales – Geography but are generally traditional Belgian & German Styles, for example Hefeweizen, Wit, Blondes, Dubbels and Triples. Lots of variables including different yeats, malt and hops. New World Twists on Old World Beer Styles

Sour Beers – Lots of differnet sour types and experimenting is taking place with mixed fermentation. There is kettle sours like Berliner Weisse & Gose or Barrel aged sours like Oude Bruin or Flanders Red. Some brewers are even using spontaneous fermentation in coolships

Historical Styles – Some are totally dropped out of fashion like Gruit, Koyt, KK, Grutzer, Kottbasser

There is lots of new beer styles but the session IPA appears to be on trend.

Brewing with More…..

 There are lots of this going on, for example brewing with Fruit.

What Beer Styles to add fruit to? Belgians, Spontaneous, Saisions etc

When and How to add fruit? Mash, Kettle, During Fermentation or Post Fermentation

What format to add fruits? Whole, Raw, Chopped, cooked, puree, juice, essence, flavouring

Considerations when adding fruit? Be aware you will be adding fermentable fruits and becareful of the flavor intensity. Adding fruit to beer can also affect the colour, haze and stability and fruit oils can impact on head retention also.

Herbs & Spices are another option for brewing with more, they can in theory be added to any beer style and they are usually added in the Mash or the kettle.

Brewing with Less…..

Gluten Free Beer “Gluten is a mix of 2 main proteins (Glutenin & Glindin) found mostly in wheat but also in barley, rye , spelt etc”

There is two methods in producing a gluten free beer;

  1. Alternative Grains
  2. Altered proteins using terminal protease enzyme

Alcohol Free Beer is made using two key methods;

  1. Limited attenuation which is cheaper but it can be less reliable and have an unbalanced flavor
  2. Vacuum Distillation which is an expensive process to remove the alcohol

Blurring Boundaries & Creating New Styles…..

Ale/Lager hybrids

Souring & Barrel Ageing nontraditional styles

Confectionary beer, think chocolate bars, old fashioned sweets and puddings

Meat Beers, think Bacon etc

When blurring boundaries with beer styles there is a lot of considerations & implications…

Flavour Balance is key, just be aware of appropriate addition rates and consider the negative impacts some additions might have

Maybe as a brewer your going to create a new style and you’ll have pioneered the next trend setting beer, creative and passionate brewers continue to make the craft beer industry and exciting place to work within.

Belfast to Beirut…..Our beautiful Experience in Lebanon

You need to visit this region, It impressed us…..

Backroom Beirut

Genuinely a heart warming experience, we collectively as a group of Irish Brewers & Distillers travelled to Beirut for a St Patricks celebration, hosted with the finest hospitality from the Fattal Group who now distribute our range of Craftbeer and Spirits.

A diverse range of brewers and distillers from across the Island brought together by Liam and Shane from ‘Ireland Craft Beers’. I have to say I’m super proud of what they have acheived, I also want to make a special mention of thanks to them and especially Paul Choueiry also who co ordinated the whole visit perfectly.

We met distributors, buyers, customers, the media and the British Ambassador Hugo Shorter even popped by to try our beers and spirits. We bonded as a group throughout the weekend and we’re happy to say we made many new friends and the “Craic was mighty!”

Don’t be afraid to visit this beautiful location, many told us we were mad to be travelling to Beirut. We did have a little nervous energy but it really wasn’t necessary

There is simply too many enjoyable moments to describe in a blog entry but i’ll happily say we all had a ball!

So who attended from Ireland? Check them out at their trade event stands below

  • Blackwater Distillery
  • Bertha’s Revenue Gin
  • Echlinville Distillery
  • Whiskeygate
  • Blacks of Kinsale
  • Eight Degrees Brewery
  • Hillstown Brewery

Blackwater distillery

Berthas Revenge Gin

Echlinville distillery


Blacks of kinsale

Eight degrees brewery

Hillstown Brewery

The Agenda?

To sell Irish Craft Beer & Spirits in Lebanon….well it’s already established and we enjoyed seeing its growth in a very short period of months.

Thursday night at the “Backroom Beirut”….. A beautiful bar that has been set up to showcase the finest wines, beers and spirits on offer. Every tap on the bar was pouring Irish Craft Beer and the selection of fine wines & spirits was amazing. The quality of the build is flawless.

The staff make the difference in the Backroom Beirut , they were passionate about quality, they know how to suggest recommendations and they know how to present the beverages plus they know the Brands story. All the beers are cold stored, every bottle of beer or key keg is maintained at optimum temperature. The Gins were served with knowledge and style also

On the Thursday night we were treated to some beautiful food and amazing beers, spirits and champagne. It’s fair to say we received the ‘Red Carpet Treatment’ It was very evident that the staff were pleased we had visited and I found it rewarding to hear them say how many of the locals now love Irish Beer & Spirits.

Fattal warehouse

Friday was an experience, we went to the warehouse at Fattal that has been storing our beers and spirits, securely into the lift we descent into the basement to be greeted with, well lets face it ‘Warehouse Envy’ Clean tidy and very well laid out, again climate controlled storage for the beers which shows these guys really care about the quality.

Irish Brewers & Distillers Export

We then received a special invite to the “Heritage Room” at Fattal Headquarters, Mr Hubert Fattal the Chairman of the company casually greeted us with a smile and a gentle nature, he explained the history of his family business, in it’s fourth generation now he described it as a mix between Art & Business. He took us on a story of Resilience and how the company has overcome many obstacles including wars.

Fattal are the gateway for eight lines of distribution across the Middle East & North Africa and we are very privileged to have been selected by them as their choice of Irish Craft Beers & Spirits.

Fattal supply no matter the circumstances and the brand appears to have a unique blend of “Western Sophistication, Oriental Charm & Middle Eastern Chaos” They successfully operate in volatile, uncertain and complicated areas, always improvising and adapting.

Fattal are a company that are genuinely invested in their suppliers, they build lasting relationships and uphold the best business ethics and we are very proud to have been selected to work with them on their range of Irish Craft Beer. Initial trials in the market place have now secured us a space on their catalogue.

On the Friday evening we were personally proud to hear that our beers had been really well received and we were excited that the first shipment had nearly all sold out and we had customers awaiting the latest shipment arriving in a few weeks. We did some interviews with the media and then partied with the public, and I mean we partied, some more than  others but i’ll let them tell you about that…..

The Traditional Irish Band headed up by Noel had been flown in from Longford and they played some beautiful songs and Liam even sang a few songs, and yes the lad can sing

Backroom Beirut St Patricks Day

A BBQ out the front and beer flowing inside and out the building led for a very enjoyable evening many locals were keen to chat about beer and learn about Irish Craft Beer and Spirits.

Backroom Beirut

To end the night we sung and stubbled our way home through the streets of Beirut, we felt safe and well received and it helped break down our misheld perceptions of Beirut prior to the visit.

On Saturday morning we met with a friend of Pauls’ – Sami, he is a keen home brewer who wants to open his own Brewpub. This excited me as he was very passionate and simply wanted some constructive feedback to help him improve. He currently works in the legal profession but wants to jump into the brewing industry, the tasting showed me that he had great potential, he was somewhat restricted to a small variety of ingredients and has to work with a limited selection.

A few tweaks on his water treatment and I think he’s there, I’d be super excited to see a Brewiks Microbrewery Brewpub in Beirut, I’ve already made contact with Brewiks to do a special deal for them.

Craft Beer in my opinion creates a community, not just with the beer drinkers but with the brewers, we are always willing to help build that community because if the smaller guys work together then then there is strength in numbers.

Beer tasting for breakfast was followed by a visit to the “Golden Star” a real premium feeling shopping centre which we’d love to be in regularly if we lived in the area. Downstairs was a mix of food and groceries and upstairs had a selection of the finest beer, wine and spirits available. I even spotted a 1.5 litre bottle of Louis XIII, one of the rarest cognacs in the world. The owner of the shop Sami is a huge supporter of our Craft Beer & Spirits.

A short journey followed to Byblos and we visited Eddesands , again the owners have been huge supports of our Craft Beers and Spirits and the band joined us again for an evening of great laughs. This area is very beautiful and I really soaked up the atmosphere, on the coast of the Mediterrean enjoying the beautiful cobbled streets , talking over coffee, enjoying some amazing lebanese food, it was bliss.

Byblos Irish Craft beer

Now for a few special mentions for the entertainment in the later part of the evening, Anthony from Berthas Revenge Gin is a real treat to party with, such an entertainer when he hit the stage, again more beautiful music from Noel and his band and a delicate solo performance from Louise!

Berthas Revenge Gin

Whiskeygate louise

We felt blessed to have been part of this experience and are thankful especially to Paul Choueiry for falling in love with our products and our wee country!


SIBA Beer X Review | Beer Festivals

From the off I’ll highlight this event is more based towards the brewing trade, but I did receive some exciting news at the event from our suppliers. The Event changed venue this year and it was in the exhibition centre in Liverpool so we popped over for the day to check it out , the SIBA regional gold medal winners progress to the finals at BeerX so some work mixed with a little beer tasting, its all good yeahhh!

SIBA BeerX 2018 liverpool

A nice spacious arena packed with stands from all the big names in the brewing industry, I caught some interesting presentations and had some exciting conversations with not only with brewers but with the brewing suppliers.

Major news to report from Crisp Malt, I had a chat with some of the top team and they are very excited about the successful distribution of Crisp Malt throughout Ireland by Geterbrewed, we discussed how many Irish breweries are reporting higher extraction rates, more consistent crush plus a better flavour from the wort. Major growth reported in this area.

Crisp Malt

Crisp Malt have installed a new bagging line and are nearing completion of a new coloured maltings, its a very exciting time to be working with these guys, they already have a large catalogue of products but this new multi million pound investment will be a game changer. The new malt bags have been released and the quick release and anti static packaging is proving to be a hit!

AB Vickers & Lallemand

Checked in with the team at AB Vickers and Lallemand and had a good brief on the new products. Protafine is a new Vegan friendly clarification product that we will be introducing to Irish Breweries immediately. Robert from Lallemand is keen to launch the homebrew sachets of the incredible freeze dried bacteria ‘Wildbrew Sourpitch’ I’ve used this recently in a blueberry kettle sour and I was really impressed, it is due for imminent release.

I enjoyed some impressive beers on the lallemand stand, an NEIPA from Northern Monk Brewery (Lalbrew New England Yeast) & a Sour from Magic Rock Brewery (Wildbrew Sourpitch). Geterbrewed distribute the full lallemand range across Ireland, contact us if you want samples of the new yeast strains.

We also picked up some new ideas and will update you soon on new innovative brewing products coming to the homebrew and microbrewery market.

Enjoy if your attending & hope the guys exhibiting have a great show

The GEB Crew


Experimentation with Hops

Dave Hewitt from Simply Hops did a talk recently in Dublin about Hop Trends, Dave was a Cockoo brewer for many years prior to joining Simply Hops, he’s great craic and all round decent bloke. We had enjoyed a meal and a few beers the night before the talk and had put the world to rights about hops and the pros and cons of the industry but he did a short presentation and I’d like to share a few of his points

5 Hop Varieties make up for 52.44% of the total acreage of growing

What are those 5 popular hop varieties? 

  • Amarillo
  • Citra
  • Centennial
  • Mosaic
  • Simcoe

Ask yourself why? Why is it that we must all use a certain type of hops for a certain type of beer. I guess that Dave was highlighting here why so many brewers follow the herd.

His point was…. Experimentation is critical

Look at Cascade its 40% cheaper than Citra, look at using a variety in a different way, be creative, hop flavours will develop differently with different yeasts, build layers of hop flavour

His talk was short and sweet, he’s not keen on seminars but his point was well made, get experimenting…