12 x 500ml Amber beer bottles

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12 x 500 ml Amber beer bottles

500ml 55mm Amber Glass Bottle, 24.5cm high

Bottle a beer the way it should be done with a glass bottle and a cap, if you make a home brew beer or home brew cider in our opinion the best way to bottle it is in a glass bottle with a cap.

You can use these bottles time and time again, simply sterilise them between uses and replace them with new caps, glass does wear out so these bottles are the way to go for long term use and value

If you need bottle caps, check them out. These caps are awesome value for money.

If you need a capper, check them out HERE

There is a special feeling of satisfaction when you open a brew that you have made with your own hands, when the cap is removed and the hiss of the air escapes, well its just bliss, so go on and get 'er brewed...

** Please note we are only able to ship 2 boxes of bottles per order and there are no refunds for glass smashed in transit **