BIAB All Grain Starter Kit ( Includes a Mash Kit )

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BIAB(Brew In A Bag) Starter Kit

So you want to brew all grain but with simplicity? We have designed a gateway into the all grain brewing arena with this fantastic BIAB starter kit. This fantastic BIAB starter kit not only includes all the equipment you need but it also includes your first all grain ingredient pack designed by a master brewer.

BIAB is simple as it combines the all grain brewing method into one vessel. So what's included in this fantastic BIAB Starter Kit?

1 x 32 litre Boiler- Model EB1B - (premium quality Peco beer makers boiler) These boilers are fitted professionally with a 2.4kw heating element combined with uk power lead and plug, the element is secured with a heat tolerant durable rubber ring and stainless steel element on the inside and a metal lock nut on the outside of the bucket, all safety measures are met with these professionally manufactured boilers

1 x Large Nylon Bag made specifically for the peco professional beer makers boiler, dimensions of nylon bag are; 350 x 350 x 380, complete with a drawstring

1 x Copper Wort Chiller 20L with hoselock fittings

1 x Beer Spoon 50 for mixing

1 x 33 litre Fermentation bucket

1 x Airlock

1 x Heat Tolerant Tap

1 x Bottle Filling system

1 x LCD Thermometer

1 x Packet of Steriliser

1 x Hydrometer plus sampling tube

1 x All Grain Mash Kit ( We recently upgraded this to our most popular selling Hoppy APA - the feedback has been awesome! )

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