Bottle Washer Monster Cleaner


Bottle Washer Monster Cleaner

The Monster Cleaner is a handy device that makes rinsing bottles easy. The collection tray makes it possible to add or dissolve a detergent in the water, so that the bottles are thoroughly cleaned in one go during rinsing, without much effort.

Thanks to the wide nozzle, both small glass bottles as well as large PET carboys can be rinsed with the Monster Cleaner. It is also possible to mount the bottle washer on the top of the rotating bottle drainer (see accessories).

  • Sturdy device with large collection tray
  • Nozzle attachment for large bottles
  • For rinsing small to very large bottles (neck diameter max. 55 mm), as well as siphons or measuring cylinders

Packing dimensions and weight:

Weight 0.23 kg
Length 16.5 cm
Height 11.5 cm
Width 16.5 cm
EAN code 825392012802