Bramling Cross t90 (United Kingdom) Finishing Dry Hop Pellet 20g Tea Bag 2019 (Alpha Rating 4.5%)

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Bramling Cross t90 (United Kingdom) 1kg Hop Pellets 2019 (Alpha Rating: 4.5%) Wholesale

Bred from a crossing in 1927 by Professor Salmon at Wye, of a Bramling (one of the traditional Golding varieties) with a male seedling of the Manitoba, Canada wild hop. This variety gave many growers in Kent a good hop to start the picking season with its good yield, early ripening, tolerance to wilt and some resistance to mildews. A distinctive and flexible hop which brings rich fruit and spice character to British bitters, browns, milds, old ales and porters. May also suit barleywine, Belgian brown or dubble, American black ales and dunkel lagers.

Finishing Hops

Get Er Brewed finishing hops are a simple way to add a fresh aroma and taste to your beer kit. They can be used by dry hopping ( simply add the infusion bag straight to the wort) or late hopping (placing the bag into hot water to make a hop tea which is then poured into the wort).

Each pack contains 20 grams of hop pellets in a easy to use infusion bag.

Suitable Beer Styles:

  • British Bitter
  • Brown Ale / American Black ales
  • Mild
  • Old Ale and Porter
  • Barley Wine
  • Belgian Brown
  • Dubble
  • Dunkel lagers


  • Fruity, Blackcurrant, Spicy
Analysis Values
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Alpha Acids 6-7%
Beta Acids
Caryophyllene (of total oil) 10 - 15%
Cohumulone 30 - 55%
Farnesene (of total oil) <1%
Humulene (of total oil) 20 - 38%
Myrcene 34 - 38%
Total Oils mls/100gm 0.7 - 1.0