Bravo T90 (USA) Finishing Dry 20g Hop Pellet Tea Bag (Alpha Rating: 15.8% )

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Bravo T90 (USA) Finishing Dry 20g Hop Pellet Tea Bag (Alpha Rating: 15.8% )

Bravo hops were developed in the early 2000's as an open pollination super alpha variety. Bravo typically sits around 14-17% Alpha Acid and because of this quickly became 'The' bittering hop for both professional and home brewers. Despite its well-respected reputation as a bittering hop, Bravo isn't as one-dimensional as it might seem. It also contributes fruity and floral tones that work well in IPAs, Pale Ales, and Red Ales.

Finishing Hops

Get Er Brewed finishing hops are a simple way to add a fresh aroma and taste to your beer kit. They can be used by dry hopping ( simply add the infusion bag straight to the wort) or late hopping (placing the bag into hot water to make a hop tea which is then poured into the wort).

Each pack contains 20 grams of hop pellets in a easy to use infusion bag.


  • Pleasant
  • aromatic

Beer Styles:

  • IPAs
  • Pale Ales
  • Red Ales
Analysis Values
Country of Origin USA
Alpha Acids 14 to 17%
Beta Acids
3.0 - 5.0%
Cohumulone 29 - 34%
Myrcene 25 - 50%
Humulene 18 - 20%
Caryophyllene 10 - 12 % of total oil
Total Oil 1.6 - 2.4 ml/100g
Farnesene < 1 % of total oil

Bravo Hop Substitutions

Bravo hops carry a lot of the same flavour profiles and characteristics as Columbus making these hops the best substitutions in your next recipe.