Brewiks Hot Water Tanks

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Brewiks Hot Water Tanks


Total volume

Volume to CIP ball

HWT/CWT 50640 l590 l
HWT/CWT 1001.200 l1.020 l
HWT/CWT 1251550 l1.400 l
HWT/CWT 1501.890 l1.730 l
HWT/CWT 2002.390 l2.290 l
HWT/CWT3003.6003.470 l
HWT/CWT 6006.800 l6.600 l

Tanks are fully made of two layered quality stainless steel AISI 304/316 and are equipped with:

  • Manhole on top from stainless steel;
  • Stone wool insulation;
  • CIP spray ball;
  • Two butterfly valves;
  • Temperature sensor,
  • Temperature regulator,
  • Electrical heating element for HWT,
  • Overflow pipe,
  • Pump.

*Price is inclusive of vat at 20%, this excludes delivery costs which will be quoted when your specific requirements are discussed, organise an appointment with one of our sales team email

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