Chinook Leaf Hops (USA) 2019 (Alpha Rating 11.54%) 100g

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Chinook Leaf Hops (USA) 2019 (Alpha Rating 11.54%) 100g

This cultivar is named after an Indian tribe from the Washington area. It was developed as part of the USDA breeding program in Washington State and released as a high alpha variety in 1985. On the maternal side, the strain is influenced by English Goldings. Chinook shows strong growth in all growing areas and is most productive in the Yakima region.

Key Flavours

Fennel, Basil, Lychee, Elder, Red berries


Descent from Petham Golding

100g Foil Vac Packed Nitrogen Flushed hops, cold stored for maximum freshness

Analysis Values
Country of Origin United States
Alpha Acids 12-14 %
Caryophyllene (of total oil) 9 - 11%
Cohumulone 29 - 35%
Farnesene (of total oil) <1%
Humulene (of total oil) 18 - 23%
Myrcene (of total oil) 35 - 40%
Total Oils mls/100gm 1.7 - 2.7