Cider Kits

Cider Making Kits

What are cider making kits?

Cider Kits contain concentrated fruit juice and flavourings, some even contain additives to enhance the cider flavours during the fermentation process. Home Brewers then rehydrate the fruit concentrate and ferment it with the yeast included.

Do I require anything extra to make cider from kits?

Some Cider Making Kits require the addition of sugar, Geterbrewed recommend you use brewing sugar for this process and we have added bundle options onto the cider kit products for maximum value

What brewing equipment do I need to make Cider at home?

A very basic starter kit is all that is required, the same basic starter kit containing one fermeter can be used for making beer and cider.

Tips for making cider successfully?

It's simple to make good cider if you follow the following ; Sterilsation - make sure everything s sterile that you are using during the process and this is simple to do with our Geterbrewed Oxi No Rinse product. Read the instructions and finally make sure the fermentation temperature is monitored, you want to acheive a constant fermentation temperature.

If you need any help getting started to make your own cider or have any questions about cider making then get in touch via email or pop us a message on one of the Geterbrewed social media channels.