Citra Spectrum (USA) Liquid Hops 50ml

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Citra Spectrum (USA) Liquid Hops 50ml

SPECTRUM is an innovative new process from Barth Haas involving an oil rich hop extract resulting in full dry hop characteristics shining through. The end product is 100% hop material with no artificial additions. Spectrum Offers many advantages over hop cones and pellets to help you achieve a new level of brewing control with no solid hop materials to soak up beer and profits. Barth Haas currently produced spectrum™ in citra and mosaic with many more varieties to come in the future.


SPECTRUM will allow you to cost effectively dry hop at much higher concentrations which in turn creates intense experiences for your customers.

Top Benefits

  • SPECTRUM has the finest Hop pellets in liquid form
  • Can fully and or partially replace hop pellets when dry hopping
  • The Iiquid extract is dispersible in cold beer meaning no lost product
  • Impart full flavour and aroma while reducing losses

Loss Less

SPECTRUM is fully dispersible in cold beer so you lose nothing.

  • With no solid matter to soak up beer and profits, SPECTRUM can replace hop cones or pellets in-full or as a partial replacement when dry hopping, to give you back all that you would have lost with the traditional hop formats.

Gain Control

Professional brewing is about Brewing cleanly, consistenty and efficiently to acheive the Best product in a profitable way.

  • SPECTRUM offers many huge advantages Over hop cones and pellets to help you Achieve a new level of control in these Areas.

Unique Variety Specific

SPECTRUMtakes professional Brewing one step beyond, allowing You to fine-tune and refine your dry-hopping flavours and processes like never before.

  • It’s a unique, variety specific, dry hopping extract that disperses entirely in to cold beer. It’s 100% pure Hop that imparts the full hop flavour and aroma While reducing losses and allowing you to dry-hop with unparalleled control.

Clean, oxygen free brewing with no hop creep

SPECTRUM is produced in a way that eliminates microbial threats.

  • As a liquid product it also allows you use it with dosing equipment to better protect against potential infection during dry-hopping.

Spectrum™ is oxygen free and helps you avoid oxygen addition when dosing

  • Unlike hop pellets and cones SPECTRUM™ leaves nowhere for oxygen to hide. With careful dosing you can dry-hop with almost no oxygen addition at all.

SPECTRUM does not introduce enzymes into the beer that restart the fermentation process.

  • This means that spectrum™ will never be the source of hop creep in beer.

Consistent Specification And ease of use

As natural products most hop products are variable in their specification. This can make truly consistent brewing a challenge.

  • Like the pellets you know, spectrum™ is 100% natural hop, but due to the unique way in which it processed we are able to offer a product with a significant increase in consistency. With less variance you get increased control of your beer’s flavour and aroma.

SPECTRUM is flowable so can be easily dosed in to almost any brewing system with minimum mess and fuss.

  • It also does not create any waste that needs to be dealt with once finished. Compared to hop cones and pellets SPECTRUM offers a simple dry-hopping process that is clean, accurate and time saving.

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