by Deborah Mitchell

Now it used to be thought that only cheap wines had a screw top enclosure and that fine wines needs a cork to allow the wine to receive a very small amount of oxygen to smooth out the tannins.

Well nowadays many fine wines are available in screw top and hence why we have started to hold large stocks of screw top wine bottles for home wine makers to use

Benefits of using a Screw top Wine Bottle?

  • Easy to open
  • No Need for a cork screw
  • Protects the wine completely from oxygen
  • Cheaper
  • No chance of floats cork pieces in a screwtop

At the end of the day fine whiskeys costing hundreds of pounds use a screw top and that isn't an issue so why would using a screwtop on a wine bottle seem cheap?

We recommend you try the new range of screw top wine bottles , its the taste of the wine that matters so why worry about the closure, with a screw top you know its protected plus they are reusable