Extract Brewing

Extract Brewing Kits UK & Ireland

Get 'er Brewed have sourced the finest ingredients for these Extract Brewing Kits, the finest specialty grains accompanied with premium quality liquid malt extract and top quality fresh hops and yeast to produce a truly impressive beer.

THESE EXTRACT KITS CONTAIN 2 X MUNTONS 1.5KG LIQUID MALT, The World's finest Liquid Malt Extract making our extract kits the best on the homebrew market

All the speciality grains are crushed to order and we use the finest Weyermann Grains in all our Extract Brewing Kits

We recommend that all extract brewing kits are made with a yeast starter. To brew great extract beer kits follow the simple to follow instructions and dont forget to SIT

Sterilisation- Ensure good sanitation

Information- Follow the instructions

Temperature- Keep a constant fermentation temperature

The freshness of these extract beer kits is what make the difference, we use top quality ingredients, all extract kits are based on a 26 litre boil with 23 litres being ready at the end of the boil.

Simple Extract Brewing Kits;

  • Create the wort- Steep your crushed speciality grains to create a fresh wort- as easy as making tea! Steep for 30 minutes. The grain is steeped in a muslin bag and when it is removed from the water the wort created is used to dissolve the extract and get ready for the boil.
  • Boil the hops- Add the hops to the boil at the indicated minutes, each hop packet is labelled with minutes
  • Add the Whirlfoc tablet 10 minutes prior to the end of the boil
  • Use a wort chiller to cool the boil
  • Add your yeast starter to the wort when the correct temperature is acheived


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