Fast Ferment Beer Starter Kit

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Highlights include;

  • Everything you need right out of the box, just add an ingredient kit of your choice
  • Eliminate 80% of sanitizing and cleaning with this affordable all-in-one conical fermenter making it easy and efficient to use
  • This starter kit includes all the premium equipment required as per equipment list below, when you buy this starter kit you are making a substantial saving
  • Conduct all stages of fermentation in this single vessel - no siphons, no secondary fermenting vessel to sanitize, no extra bungs and airlocks, you even have a handy bottling attachment included which fits to the bottom of the fermenter
  • Minimizes the risk of oxidation and contamination by eliminating the need to transfer to a second vessel, preventing off-flavors and infection

The Fast Ferment Beer Starter Kit is a great gift idea for anyone that is interested in getting into home brewing of quality beer, wine, cider or mead. Studies show that only a small percentage of new brewers stay with the hobby for more than a year due to the amount of equipment necessary in traditional brewing and the amount of work it takes to rack, transfer and clean all the equipment.

The FastFerment Beer Starter kit replaces buckets and carboys, drastically reducing the amount of equipment necessary to complete a batch of beer and therefore reducing the time and work involved in both the brewing and cleaning processes.

This system's ease of use has proven to hold more brewer's interest past the first brew because it requires 80% less work and eliminates a few of the steps that generally lead to a bad batch of beer. It's ability to deliver consistent, high quality results time after time ensures an easy and fun brewing experience

The FastFerment system is a one-stage fermenter that allows homebrewers and winemakers to use the same unit for both primary and secondary fermentation, making it more sanitary than conventional bucket fermentation, and results in cleaner and purer homebrew beer and wine.

Unlike primary fermentation in a bucket or a carboy, which allows your product to have 100% direct contact with the dead yeast and sediment at the bottom, the FastFerment features a 1" ball valve mechanism that reduces contact with sediment by 99%. When fermentation is complete, the ball valve can be closed, and the collection ball containing the sediment can be removed.

Your product can then be filtered or bottled directly from the FastFerment using the provided hose

Equipment Included;

  • 1.Fast Fermenter
  • 2.Twin handled Capper
  • 3.No Rinse Steriliser 400g
  • 4.Hydrometer – quality Stevenson & Reeves Brand
  • 5.Plastic Spoon – premium quality
  • 6.Bottle Brush – for cleaning bottles prior to bottling, makes it simple
  • 7.Caps – 100 pack for your first few batches
  • 8.LCD stick on thermometer