Pilgrim T90 Hop Pellets / UK / 2019 / AA: 11%

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Pilgrim T90 Hop Pellets / UK / 2019 / AA: 11%

Pilgrim is a bitter-type variety. It was developed by Wye Hops Ltd and gained European Plant Variety Rights in 2006. It has very good resistance to wilt disease and is being planted in areas where this disease is present, often replacing ‘Wye Target’. Bred from Yeoman in the late 1990’s, Pilgrim is a high Alpha genuinely dual-purpose hop, rich in oils and with good storage potential.

Key Flavours

Herbs, marjoram, lime, peppermint


Half sister of First Gold. Has the same mother as Wye Challenger and Wye Target.

Analysis Values
Country of Origin Great Britain
Alpha Acids 10-13%
Myrcene 24-33%
Beta Acids
4 - 5.5%
Total Oil 1 - 1.8 ML / 100G