Galaxy (Australia) t90 Bulk 1kg Hop Pellets 2020 (Alpha Rating 16.1%)

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Galaxy t90 (Australia) Hop Pellets 2020 1KG (Alpha Rating: 16.1%) Wholesale

The Australian hop variety Galaxy® is a high alpha dual purpose seedless cultivar with a marked andunique hop aroma. It was bred by Hop Products Australia and is currently grown in Victoria and Tasmania. Due to its impressive flavours, the variety Galaxy® should be classified as a flavour hop.

Aroma Characteristics

Galaxy® contributes prominent citrus, passion fruit and peach aromas when it is added to the boil late. Its aroma is defined by spicy components, such as aniseed and fennel, in a fruity combination with cassis, blueberry, blackberry and raspberry. In addition, notes of gooseberry can also be detected.

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