GEB Experimental Beer Kits

PLEASE NOTE: We are substituting our Liquid Malt for powered Spaymalt until our Liquid Malt stock arrives.

Mix the supplied powered Spaymalt in water. Boil for about 5 minutes until dissolved. Use as instructed for liquid malt in your kit.

Pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved from a simple beer kit.

⁠Innovative Beer Kits that contain :
-Super Premium Liquid Malt from Get 'Er Brewed & Crisp Maltings⁠
-Innovative Hop Tea Bag Technology (the latest harvest hop pellets in large tea bags) ⁠
-Premium Range Yeast from Lallemand⁠
-Isomerised hop extract for accurate bittering and true to style flavour profile⁠
-Easy to follow instructions ⁠