Get 'Er Brewed All Grain Starter Kit

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Get 'Er Brewed All Grain Starter Kit

Make craft beer at home from malted grains and hops with a Get 'Er Brewed All Grain Starter Kit

So what's included?

1 x Peco Boiler;

Peco Bucket drilled and assembled as boilers including;

Bucket with Lid - large 32 litre capacity

Heat Tolerant Tap

2.4 kw Element with heavy duty metal lock nut and rubber seal

IEC/UK plug Lead

1 x Insulated Mash Tun 32 litre

This 33 Litre insulated mash tun, can brew batches of 23 litres with ease, made with 316 stainless steel fittings

All are top quality insulated coolers manufactured in house, your mash temperature will remain constant with this piece of homebrewing equipment

A mash tun is used to create beer wort when brewing with grains. All Mash Tuns are made to order by a professional, no better value mash tun is on the homebrew market.

1 x Copper Wort Chiller

This Copper coil comes with two hose lock fittings easily attaching to your hose for cooling, 10mm micro bore coil, approx 10 meters in length, no leaks professionally welded fittings!

1 x No Rinse Steriliser

240g of Oxi No Rinse Steriliser

1 x Hydrometer

Stevenson and Reeves professional homebrewing hydrometer

1 x Trial Jar

1 x 12" Thermometer

1 x 33 litre fermenter

1 x Heat Tolerant Tap

1 x Spring loaded bottle filling system

1 x Bubbler Airlock

1 x Rubber Grommets

1 x Packet of caps (100)

1 x Twin lever capper

Cost £220.00

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