Get Er Canned PSA Canning

Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA) Canning line

We are excited to be the first company to bring a Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA) Canning line into Ireland. After much deliberation and research we settled on partnering and investing with PSA to fulfil our canning needs and that of Irish Brewers.

So what are the Benefits of a Canning Line?

  • Improved Beer quality due to the beer being protected from the light and oxygen
  • Cans chill faster and are easily stackable in the fridge
  • Guaranteed integrity of the seal
  • Easily crushed and recycled
  • Canned Beer weighs less = Reduced shipping costs
  • Less packaging = less costs
  • They can travel better than glass = customer convenience
  • More visible branding on display

So why choose Get Er Canned to do your contract packaging?

  • We have invested in reliable, low desolved oxygen and ease of use packaging equipment
  • You make incredible beer, we want to provide the investment in your packaging solutions
  • No limitations on speed or quality
  • You have full expert technical support from Pneumatic Scale Angelus
  • Competitive pricing to allow you to be competitive in the marketplace

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