Geterbrewed Hedgerow Wine Making Staple Ingredient Kit

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Geterbrewed Hedgerow Wine Making Staple Ingredient Kit

Making a Hedgerow wine or country wine is simple as folk have been brewing with fruits, vegetables and flowers for years, if you have a ready supply of ingredients then you simply need some basic equipment and some additives, Geterbrewed have put together a 'staple ingredient kit' for the country wine maker. Making Wine with fruits or vegetables is slightly different than making wine with grapes. Grapes have a whole host of nutrients, sugars and acids and tannins present naturally, when brewing with foraged ingredients sometimes its important to add some additives, we have the essentials in this kit;

Wine Making Staple Ingredient Kit Includes;

  • Campden Tablets x 50 (Simply put these sanitise your fruit and remove the wild yeast or bacteria that may be present after foraging)
  • MJ Wine Yeast for 23 litres ( A good quality yeast will ferment the sugars present in the fruit to create alcohol)
  • Wine Yeast Nutrient 50g (To maintain strong cell walls in the yeast we recommend some nutrition for the yeast)
  • Finings
  • Pectolase 50g (stops haze and helps extract more body from the fruit)
  • Citric Acid 50g (Add to fruit/flowers that are low in acidity)
  • Malic Acid 50g (brings out fruity flavours)
  • Tartaric Acid 50g (the primary acid component in wine grapes)
  • Tannin 50g (for storage and gives the impression of dryness in mouthfeel)

Simple process

1. Forage the fruit

2. Add the fruit to fermenter and add boiling water over the fruit (chop, mash or crush the fruit to a pulp) add a campden tablet and allow to sit for 24 hours

3. You may want to add a blend of acids to create optimum conditions for the yeast (citric, malic & tartaric)

4. Add desired amount of sugar, nutrients and yeast (make sure your temperature is within range of the yeast you are using)

5. After primary fermentation you can rack off (transfer) or strain the liquid and add finings to clear

6. Every wine is different, some will clear quickly, other will require time