The Grainfather G40 Brewing System

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The Grainfather G40

Introducing the brand new G series from the Grainfather

Grainfather have designed and manufactured a new premium model 40 Litre all in one brewing system, the latest release in the G Series

The G40 boasts a heap of innovative feature and gives more control than the S Series, similar levels of features to the G70 . You can brew up to 38 litres of beer allowing you to easily fill 2 x 19 Litre Corny Kegs. With a maximum garin bill of 13 kg , you can adjust a high ABV recipe to a smaller batch volume , allowing you to brew larger grain bills that can easily go above 9% abv

Similar to the G70 All in One Brewing system you can manage your brew remotely with the smart controller that has built in wireless connectivity. Simply connect your mobile device to the controller and manage your brew through the FREE Grainfather app. Once connected , you'll have access to a step by step brewing system and thousands of recipes to choose from

What can you expect from the G40?


  • Sleek 304 Stainless Steel Body
  • Heats wort evenly with conical shaped surface mounted heating element
  • Connect your mobile device to a smart controller with built in wireless connectivity via the GF app and manage your brew remotely. The GF app is free to use and has all the tools , calculators and recipes that empower you to create amazing beer at home.
  • Comes with a counter flow wort chiller for an efficient and sanitary transfer of wort
  • Large surface mounted heating elements
  • Wireless internet connectivity
  • Conical base for maximum wort transfer
  • Innovative grain basket design
  • PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) heating control for accurate temperature management during the mashing process
  • CIP (Cleaning In Place ) capability
  • Integrated sight glass for easy volume reading
  • Rolled edge grain plate and perforated basket for easy mashing and efficient recirculation
  • Large bottom mounted hop filter which helps to reduce pump and chiller blockages
  • 2750 w/ 13A in UK
  • 3 Year Warranty

What's Included in the G40?

  • Grainfather G40
  • Smart Controller with built in wireless connectivity
  • Counterflow wort chiller
  • Built in pump
  • Glass Lid
  • Grain basket lifting bar
  • Grain Basket
  • Recirculation hose
  • Grain Plate
  • Hop Filter
  • Fittings

Specification of the G40:

  • Size 725 x 555mm
  • Weight 29kg
  • Max Pre Boil Volume 46 Litres
  • Batch Volume : Maximum 40 Litre | Minimum 10 Litre
  • Grain Bill : Maximum 13kg | Minimum 3kg
  • Note : Max weight depends on grain crush, type & variety. Large grain bills may also require the use of an additional grain plate
  • Power : 2900w 230v
  • Connectivity: Wireless Control