Hallertau Blanc (Germany) T90 Hop Pellets 2020 (Alpha Rating 11%) 1KG

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Hallertau Blanc (Germany) T90 Hop Pellets 2020 (Alpha Rating 11%) 1KG

Hallertau Blanc is a daughter of the cultivar Cascade with a fruity-floral white wine bouquet. This aroma variety was bred in Hüll at the request of the beer industry in light of its demand for bold tastes and new aromas and entered the market in 2012.

2020 is another good, very typical year for this variety – lots of green fruits with notes of muscatel grapes and pear. These are complemented by woody and grassy aromas of myrrh and hay and rounded off by notes of lemongrass and cucumber.

Aroma Characteristics

In Hallertau Blanc, spicy/herbal to woody notes of tomato leaves and barrique are combined with wine aromas of muscatel and Federweisser. In the raw hops, these are complemented by green vegetal elements of lovage and onion, but grapefruit notes and fruity nuances of strawberry and cassis can also be distinguished.

Key Flavours

Grapefruit, Grapes, Lemongrass, Elderflower, Cassis

Analysis Values
Country of Origin Germany
Heritage Daughter of Cascade
Alpha Acids 9-11 %
Total Polyphenols 1.5-1.8 %
Myrcene 70.5 % Total Oils
Beta Acids
4-7 %
Total Oil no data
Linalool 0.4 % Total Oils

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