by Kenny Campbell
Handcrafted Irish Mash Paddles

We are very passionate about supporting local businesses so when we saw the opportunity to create some mash paddles we worked with a local hurl maker called 'Scullion Hurls - a family run business from Loughguile' (*Hurling is an Irish Sports Game just incase you have no idea what i'm talking about)

The hurl maker is also a passionate home brewer so he knows these have to be a strong product, we have made a few different versions of these but have now settled on using Irish Ash Wood for the mash paddles.

We use untreated & naturally air seasoned wood, the quality of the wood is strong and robust and will last for a lifetime if looked after correctly

Michael the Hurl makers has taken over from his father who started the business in 1979, they are part of the Economusse network which our brewery is also apart of and we work closely together attracting tourists to our working museums, a great visitor experience if you are ever in their area, they do a live hurl making demonstration. These mash paddles are genuinely excellent value and usually sell out quicker than Michael can make them.