Hedgerow Wine Kit for 23 Litres

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Hedgerow Wine Kit for 23 Litres

Contains all the ingredients needed to make 23 litres of fruit wine.

Just add fruit and sugar.


- Wine yeast and nutrient (the nutrient is needed to help ferment any added sugar),
- Bentonite (an earth clay that helps to clear the wine as it ferments),
- Citric acid (used with some receipes),
- Enzyme (removes pectin haze present in many fruit wines),
- Stabilizer (fermentation stopper and sulphites are essential for all wines),
- Finings A and B (the Kieselsol/Chitosan combination is very effective at clearing wines).

Fruit wine recipes are also included for: apple, pear, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry,blueberry/cranberry, elderflower, elderberry, gooseberry, currant, sloe, plum,grape, rosehips.

Also includes two exotic recipes: birch sap and dandelion.

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