by Deborah Mitchell

GEB Experimental Beer Kit Series

The simplest way of making beer from kits can sometimes be unnecessarily disappointing, at Geterbrewed we value our customers and we want them to brew successfully and be impressed with their batches of homebrew. Too many suppliers are selling beer kits that aren't suitable and they don't give support to help people brew successfully, it isn't like homebrewing in the 70's you can now make really impressive batches of beer at home with ease that can easily surpass the quality of shop bought beer at a fraction of the price.

A short time ago we did a beer kit review and removed some brands that we felt just weren't of a high enough quality. To drive forward our passion to have folk making the best possible homebrew we have a unique customised beer kit service that allows you to design your own beer kit, the quality of this is unrivalled and we know you can brew really impressive beer with this, so we have taken this service and designed some really high end tried and tested beer kits. We have launched 4 new beer kits this week, two of which are the first of it's kind in the homebrew industry;

  1. Simcoe Cryohop Amber Ale Beer Kit
  2. Mosaic Pale Ale Beer Kit
  3. DIPA Beer Kit
  4. NEIPA Beer Kit

The Experimental Beer Kit Series contains the following premium quality ingredients;

  • Liquid Malt Pouches Cold Filled
  • IBU Hop Solution
  • Innovative Hop Pellet Tea Bags
  • Brewers Yeast Strain

So if you wanted to try making a true to style NEIPA at home you now can plus we even have a Beer Kit with the latest advances in hop technology, the first Cryohop beer kit.

These are exciting beer kits and they are very simple to brew, we have instructions on our Craft a Beer Kit Service


Checkout the new range of beer kits here;



Happy Brewing

The GEB Crew