by Kenny Campbell

We started selling homebrew beer kits five years ago in a commercial way, prior to that we had been homebrewers for a longtime, we've shared the success of brewing with the frustrations of brewing. We now want to use that experience to help others make the best beer they possibly can

We have to say that in recent years there has been significant changes in the home brew beer kit market. That makes me question the existence of the cheap substandard kits that had previously been in the market place, have they served their purpose and furthermore are they actually damaging the current homebrew market? I am starting to think so, you see we want home brewers to consistently brew better beer, we want your beer to excite and reward your efforts, at the end of the day if you brew successfully you'll do it time and time again and tell your friends if you have a nightmare well we all know you wont make it again, too many home brew shops are focusing on the sale and not on the education

Let's look at homebrew beer brewing and see whats right for you...

Modern day home brewers are spoilt for choice, you can now enter the market at any level and brew with success, even the modern beer kit pouches allow you to make rehydrated extract kits with success, there is three levels you can enter the beer making world at;

1. Beer Kits (Isomerised hopped liquid malt extract is rehydrated by you the homebrewer in a fermenter at home and yeast added and it ferments out in a plastic fermenter) You then transfer to a bottle or keg for secondary fermentation/ carbonating.

2. Extract Beer Kits (includes steeping grains) Again this process includes liquid malt extract but you usually have some steeping grains which replicate the mashing process in all grain brewing, it adds a fresher taste to the beer and as you boil and add your own hop pellets you get a feel that you are alot more hands on. This process requires slightly more equipment than a basic beer kit but does produce a better beer in all fairness

3. All Grain Brewing This is the way you should aim to be brewing beer, you are using four key ingredients Water, Malt, Hops & Yeast. You Mash (Steep in hot water) the grains to convert the starches in the grain into fermentable sugars (wort), sparge to rinse the grains of all the residual sugar and You then boil the wort and add hops at different stages to create your hop bitterness and hop flavours. The wort is cooled and then put into the fermenter and yeast added.

Thats a crash course on the three options open to you, today i'm going to focus on the simpliest way at level one, BEER KITS

Geterbrewed took the decision recently to discontinue a wide variety of homebrew beer kits, we felt they just weren't of a high enough standard and were actually damaging the hobby of brewing at home, we have choose to focus on a narrower range that we know are tried and tested and of a standard that will make your brewing very rewarding.

When I started this business I wanted to offer a customised service that allowed people to design their own beer kits and recently we have been able to do that with our customised beer kit and then we followed it up with our customised grain kit for all grain brewers. Now we could have bought cheap liquid malt in bulk and made our own kits up like other retailers have tried and failed at but instead we sourced the finest liquid malt pouches we could and trialled all different ways of introducing the hop bitterness, we are very pleased to be the only homebrew shop that can allow you to select the bitterness of your homebrew beer kit to the closest 10 IBUS (International Bittering Units - thats how we measure the level of bitterness in beer). You then add a element of real brewing as we have innovative hop tea bag technology, what that means is we seal hop pellets in a nylon hop bag that can be added to your fermenter to give real hop flavour and aroma. This hop tea bag adds an aroma which prior to now wasn't experienced in a beer kit. You can choose from a range of brewers yeast that make a massive impact to the flavour of the beer plus we have a range of additional flavour additives that can be added to achieve a beer perfect to your taste, we can help you clone your favourite beer with this service also

Check it out here; https://www.geterbrewed.com/craft-a-beer-kit-from-...

TOP TIP - Look no matter what beer you brew remember to SIT (Sterilise, Information, Temperature) If you have everything clean and you read the instructions and monitor a steady fermentation temperature you'll brew successfully.

The other beer kits we have in our range are from UK Manufacturers, we don't believe in shipping the likes of Coopers Beer Kits from Australia to the UK, to be honest that journey cant be good for the ingredients and they use the same generic yeast in every beer kit and quite frankly their is alot better out there.

Look at the likes of Mangrove Jacks they are storming the beer kit market with their new offering of beer kits, they actually aim for the craft beer lover they are creating styles like Berliner Sours and Barrel aged beer kits offering not to mention an amazing limited edition range of the likes of Simcoe Single Hop and Grapefruit IPA, they have hop pellets and brewers yeast strains, finally a beer kit manufacturer who isn't afraid to take a chance.

The classics are still there if you like a traditional real ale beer kit then there is commercial ales replicated in a beer kit format from Woodfordes & St Peters, these kits are consistent sellers and have helped many a home brewer start their brewing journey, a ruby red ale from St Peters in a really popular seller in our bricks and mortar shop as is the Woodfordes Wherry Ale Kit but the remainder of the muntons beer kit range is now dated and screaming for a revamp so we have removed them, we hope they move with the times.

Homebrew wholesalers in the UK have created some ranges on their own and Ritchies created the Festival World Range, it is a range of really solid popular worldwide craftbeers, they product a great quality beer kit and many have ranges of brewing yeast and hop pellets to really lift the flavour profile. Hambleton Bard have also replicated their own range of beer kits in the form of Bulldog Brews, with DIPA's and the like in the offering.

If you are genuinely wanting to try it and you have no experience, drop us an email (info@geterbrewed.com) we will be happy to help give you advise plus sometimes a call to reassure you is all it takes to give a little confidence so we can have a quick chat on the telephone if that helps.

Basic Starter Homebrew Beer Equipment is very cheap and usually as you take the step to the next stage you can continue to use that equipment as you add to your collection.

Brew the best beer you can don't be fooled by a super cheap beer kit as it will destroy your opinion of a very rewarding hobby. Make better beer and stay excited about the beers you brew, ever hear the phase 'its got that homebrew twang' well I have and its those bulk bought liquid malt tins and cheap beer kits that create this taste. Geterbrewed are passionate about the quality we want you to be excited about the beers you make so you will share and tell your friends and family and continue to brew with us