Incognito Flowable Hops

Incognito Flowable Hop Extract

INCOGNITO® is a flowable variety-specific extract of hops that provides enhanced hop flavour and aroma to beer while reducing kettle or whirlpool hop pellet use. INCOGNITO® is designed for addition to the brewhouse whirlpool to achieve the greatest impact of flavour and aroma. The product contains no hop solids and eliminates wort losses associated with hop pellet liquid absorption. INCOGNITO® is a patent-pending product derived from a CO2 hop extraction process and contains only hop-derived components.

Product Use:
Maximum benefit is achieved with mixing INCOGNITO® in hot wort immediately prior to dosing in the whirlpool. This can be achieved in any number of ways and depends on each brewer’s equipment type and arrangement. For example, a hop-dose prior to the whirlpool is an ideal vehicle to more thoroughly solubilize the product as it enters the whirlpool. Where mixing prior to the whirlpool is not practical,

INCOGNITO® can be added directly to the whirlpool with satisfactory results.