Interested in Microbrewery Wholesale Purchases?

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Get Er Brewed act as Irish Distributors for the World's leading Brewing Ingredient Suppliers.
Are you a micro-brewery and interested in buying wholesale from Get Er Brewed?

We offer very competitive rates for bulk bought grains, hops and yeast which will save you money and ensure you are brewing with the best ingredients available. The micro-brewery categories can only be viewed once you are granted wholesale access. This is a very simple process which is described below. Once you are granted access, just navigate to the Micro-brewery section of the website and enjoy the best discounts we can offer.

We offer the following products

  • Malt
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Process Aids
  • Water Treatment
  • Glass Bottles
  • Caps

How To Get Wholesale Access?

Apply by following steps below, please fill out all details to allow us to do full due diligence checks. Full details on all the documentation we need are listed below.

If you haven't already got an account with Get Er Brewed, then sign up using your name and email. This account gives you access to the Get Er Brewed retail website. When you are logged into your account, simply do the following:

  1. Click on My Account
  2. Click on Profile Details
  3. Ensure your account information is correct (as per the below list)
  4. Click on Register For Wholesale Tab
  5. Click on JOIN to request wholesale access.

The Get Er Brewed Team will then review your request and may contact you for some further information.

*PLEASE NOTE: We will need the following details to register you as a Microbrewery

  1. The name of your business that is registered with tax authorities
  2. Your brewery registration details with tax and licensing authorities
  3. If you are registered for VAT, your VAT number
  4. A contact number so we can proceed without delay

As with all wholesale accounts, discounts are applied based on your projected annual spend.

Request Access