Irish Red Ale Extract Brewing Kit

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Irish Red Ale Extract Brewing Kit

Malty with just a touch of sweetness from the chocolate and caramel notes, and a little roasted dryness in the finish.

Extract Kit Ingredients

2 x 1.5 kg Get'er Brewed Light Liquid Malt Tubs

Steeping Grains (68 degrees for 30 minutes)

Crisp Light Crystal 100g

Crisp Roasted Barley 50g

Crisp Chocolate 50g

1 x Muslin Ba

1 x Whirlfloc Tablet


East Kent Goldings

35g at 60 minutes


BRY 97 West Coast Ale Yeast

Fermented at 21 degrees

Extract Brewing Stats

S.G 1044

F.G 1012

IBU 24.3

SRM 16.14

ABV 4.09%

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