Isohop 1 Litre

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Iso-a-acids are the native bittering acids found in traditionally hopped beer.
Isohop® is a standardised solution of iso-a-acids (30% w/w) produced from CO2 hop extract using an all-aqueous process. Isohop® is used to replace kettle bittering hops to improve hop utilisation or to adjust bitterness in beers that may have been under-hopped in the kettle.
For precise control of beer bitterness, Isohop® should be added post-fermentation to adjust the bitterness of the beer to the target bitterness units (BU). It may also provide an economic alternative to kettle hopping when performing high-gravity brewing.
When hopping does not go according to plan, Isohop® will help to get back on target. Isohop® will contribute to foam stand and cling similar to that of traditional bitter hopping (whole hops, pellets, or CO2 extract).
Isohop® will also act as a natural antimicrobial agent when added to beer. Isohop® provides a very good utilisation along with comparatively low cost.