Microbrewery Beer Bottles

We form part of a buying group for 500ml glass bottles. We have our own 500ml bottle mould that means we can provide a consistently impressive bottle at a really competitive price point due to the volume we produce and we receive direct with no middle distribution layers. Our glass bottles are made in one of the worlds leading manufacturers of glass products.

The even distribution of glass in the manufacturing process products a beer bottle that is stronger and prevents breakages in the brewery filling lines. Modern moulding technology has allowed the bottles to be produced lighter with at least 25% less glass on each container , this saves on material costs and actually produces less defects and the lowest possible rejection rate. The factory produces 1.2 billion beer bottles per year and is BRC certified. The stronger and lighter glass has environmental benefits and means reduced weight and shipping costs.

Why buy glass bottles from Geterbrewed?

  • Highest quality glass bottles
  • Large stock holding
  • Express delivery available
  • You can buy in any quantity
  • BRC certified supplier
  • Amber colour

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