Brewiks Microbrewery Equipment

What is Brewiks?

It is the perfect microbrewery system for entering into the brewing industry and can be described as a traditional two vessel brewing systems that combines kettle and mash tun and Lauter Tun and whirlpool.

The heating system is also conveniently built into a separate compartment which means no direct contact with the mash or wort and this allows for really quick clean down times. With experience in research, development and production of equipment for the needs of food, chemical, beverage and pharmaceutical industries they have used that expertise to refine the Brewiks systems for brewers making it the most innovative and impressive entry level Brewhouse in the world.

"The system has innovative build in cooling technology which recycles the hot water created from cooling the first batch of beer to allow you to mash in directly with the second batch which allows double batch brewing in approximately 10 hours."

Where is Brewiks made?

Kanizarica 41a, 8340 Crnomelj, Slovenia. A talented team of brewing engineers and craftsmen led by husband and wife team Damir and Mojca, a 2nd generation family company with almost 30 years of experience. They build the systems using premium quality European parts, the Stainless Steel is sourced from Germany and welded in-house by a large workforce of talented stainless steel welders. Brewiks is a trading name of Mithraeum d.o.o and they have extensive experience in the manufacturing of component parts of semi finished products for the brewing industry, so whilst they used to make all the components for other brewery manufacturers they now focus on assembly of the complete systems. Brewery manufacturing has now been a family tradition for decades at Mithraeum d.o.o.

We have taken our own brewery from a basic system of converted dairy equipment to having a fully kitted out Brewiks option which is now consistently making impressive beer distributed far and wide including serving the needs of large chain of Supermarkets.

How do I get a Brewiks system?

Geterbrewed act as the Irish and UK distributor for the Brewiks brand, we have been working with them on the Brewiks brand for 6 years now, we have helped them innovative and improve their brewing systems with our know how and team of brewers.

We have 5 Brewiks in mainland UK, 6 systems in NI and 4 systems in ROI if you want to checkout one of our installations. We are very keen to expand the amount of Brewiks systems and if you can provide a new point of reference we would be very keen to work a special deal out for you. Production time is usually 12-16 weeks but if you have a special date you need to work too we will try our best to accommodate. We are really proud of this brand!

What are the benefits of a Brewiks System?

We have established a very close working relationship with them team at Brewiks and we share their passion for positive and personal business relationships built on trust and their vision to make these systems the best option for small microbreweries and brewpubs across the globe . The Brewiks Team have good ethics, they are responsive to our customer needs and they provide communication and support ongoing, they aim to show their values in everything that they do.


The Brewiks systems ability to produce not only High ABV Brews with no limitations on the beer recipe but also that Brewiks Microbreweries will exceed your expectations and plans in relation to the amount of packaged volumes. Many systems claim to produce a set volume and you build your business plan around those volumes, with Brewiks it can pushed and you can exceed those volumes which in real terms means more profitability.

Brewiks Microbrewery Systems are Beginner friendly. We can provide full technical support and training to ensure you can operate the system to produce impressive beers right from the start. A key point of working with Geterbrewed and Brewiks is the access to the industries best technical support, we have a wealth of in house knowledge and access to master brewers to assist us when required from everything from adjusting your water chemistry , recipe development right through to analysing and problem solving if you encounter an obstacle. This level of support is invaluable and part of our promise to Brewiks customers, we support you!

It's a true Plug and Brew system, installation time is minimal as we simply unload, install plug and brew… it just keeps it simple… we just need a power source and a water source. We can assist with a site visit to give advise prior to ordering and installation of your Brewiks Microbrewery.

*Premium build quality backed up with warranty and guarantees.

The Brewiks values are centred around Innovation and thoughtful design to ensure that brewers of all knowledge level can brew easily, effectively and faster. The Brewiks systems can be adapted and a key point is that they are modular and can adapt to your growth, be that with add ons or with a trade in for the next step up, we cover all possibilities. With Brewiks they are always being creative and working with us and our customers to learn more and empower brewers with a great team work ethic to ensure that all Brewiks customers are supported to make awesome beer consistently and successfully.

Why Choose Brewiks Microbrewery & Brewpub Equipment?

Brewiks mission is helping passionate brewers to create new or expand existing business opportunities . We do this by supplying Quality and Innovative Equipment to allow you to brew all types of beer without any limitations and you become part of the Brewiks family with ongoing support.

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Why Choose Brewiks Microbrewery Equipment?

Brewiks mission is helping passionate brewers to create new or expand existing business opportunities . We do this by supplying Quality and Innovative Equipment to allow you to brew all types of beer without any limitations and you become part of the Brewiks family with ongoing support.

    Fully guaranteed with excellent aftercare service, talk to our previous customers we still work closely together , we build relationships that last.
    We are beginner friendly and can help with preparing for installation on site, plus we have a fully qualified brewing team who will brew with you until you have the confidence required.
    The sales team at Get 'Er Brewed have started their own brewery so they have what it takes to help with water profiles, recipe development and ongoing help from qualified brewers.
    Grow your system as your brewery grows. Start with what you need, grow to what you want.
    The Brewiks Systems arrive ready to brew, all you need to do is add electricity and water sources.
  • Award Winning Recipe Development
    Our own brewery has been blessed with some impressive awards & we are happy to share that support to make your brewery a success.