Microbrewery Hops

Irish distributor for Barth Haas

Geterbrewed are proud to have partnered with the Barth Haas Group as their Irish distributor. This gives us a very diverse catalogue of hop varieties from the leading global hop supplier, BarthHaas who have a wealth of experience as pioneers of building hop flavours for an impressive 225 years.

What are hops?

Whole Hops are the whole hop cone, you will also hear them referred to as leaf hops, dried in the kiln at the farm and then qc checked and packaged in foil and nitro flushed.

  • T90 Pellets contain over 90% of the non resinous elements within the hop. Handy pellet form packaged in foil and nitro flushed.
  • T45 has 45% of the vegetative matter remaining and is milled at sub zero temperatures, qc checked, foil packaged and nitro flushed.
  • BBC Pure Hop Pellet have been produced in partnership with the Boston Beer Company very similar to t90 only processed finer and at sub zero processing temperatures, again qc checked, foil packaged and nitro flushed.

What Hop Varieties & Advanced Hop Products do you sell?

Hop Varities:

  • T90 Pellets
  • Lupomax Pellets
  • BBC Hop Pellets
  • Provoak Pellets
  • Leaf Hops

A huge range of advanced hop products including:

  • CO2 Hop Extract
  • Spectrum
  • Flex
  • Hopaid Anti Foam
  • Incognito

What makes your hops different?

  • Cold Chain storage, we have invested significantly in a new purpose made cold warehouse to maintain all our hops below 5 degrees.
  • The really stringent quality controls including testing for pesticides in every single batch and full batch analysis providing a certificate of analysis tells you all you want to know about those important hop oils.
  • We have the largest variety of hops from any one hop merchant.
  • Full technical support from a 225 year old expert.
  • We sell in any quantity you require from small resealable packs right up to multiple tonnes of hops.
  • Our contracts will give you guaranteed access to some of the most sought-after hop varieties in the world.
  • Hops held in stock and ready for express shipping if required.

Do I need a hop contract?

Get in touch to see what we have available to spot buy but it’s worth remembering Hops are the lifeblood of a modern craft brewery so a contract is definitely recommended for consistent supply. Global demand for many hops is increasing and that is causing some issues with consistency of supply and in effect driving the price upwards.

Contracting stabilises pricing and helps ensure you get at least some of the hops you need if not all and you get a consistently impressive hop product from one origin. It’s risky relying on the spot market for supply as some key hop varieties now just aren’t available on the spot market at any price, look at the hop variety Galaxy for example.

Regular communication and conversations about your brewery hop needs and a two way relationship means we can both make the contracts work for each other. A hop contract gives the farmers confidence to plant more hops ensuring continued supply.

*A hop contract is a legally binding agree between the brewer who purchases and the hop merchant, to supply a set amount of hops at a certain price and the agreement usually lasts for 12 months.

One of the key points we think adds value when looking at a hop contract with Geterbrewed is that we show flexibility if you need to make amendments , we can negotiate and explore options to help one another, we can’t promise to just take everything back or give you all the extra hops you require but we will explore all possible options and try our best to be flexible.

Need more information about our Hops?

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