Microbrewery Yeasts

What is yeast?

It is an organism or you will hear yeast described as a microorganism which is a member of the Fungus kingdom. Yeast is a single cell organism that needs food, warmth and moisture to thrive , it then converts its food through fermentation into Co2 and Alcohol. The most common yeast we know is saccharomyces cerevisiae.

What yeast do Geterbrewed stock for Microbreweries?

We offer dried yeast from Lallemand and Fermentis and wet/liquid yeast from Whitelabs & Wyeast.

In yeast we trust! The diversity of yeast available at GEB is really quite remarkable. Modern craft brewers are innovating and creating new sensory experiences in flavour and aroma and yeast contributes greatly to this. Fermentation potential is now extensive with the wide range of yeast products that Geterbrewed supply to breweries. We want to inspire brewers to be creative with our fermentation products and consistently achieve their quality goals.

"Geterbrewed focus on selling yeast based on Consistency, Reliability and Purity"

Lallemand brewing offer a wide range of products that assist brewers achieve growth and quality goals. Lallemand have a dedicated brewing yeast production facility and operate with the world’s highest and strictest quality and purity ensuring unmatched performance and reliability. This is backed up with full technical support if you need it. That is real added value to know they brew with you!

Brewing Yeast

Geterbrewed offer dried yeast from Lallemand and Fermentis. Dry yeast contains less than 7% water, the quality control procedures in manufacturing avoids any microbial contamination. There is a remarkable stability with dried yeast and most strains contain 5 billion viable cells per 1g of active dried yeast.

Bacteria for brewing

Designed for easy, consistent and reliable sour beer fermentation. We are proud to have launched a range of innovative products to help brewers create sour beers exceeding in quality, purity and performance with a range of ready to pitch bacteria. Our friend Robert Percival at Lallemand has pioneered this project to make sour beer production safe and easy.

Yeast Nutrition

We highly recommend that you support, aid and supplement your fermentation process. The costs for yeast nutrition are insignificant when you take into account the performance. As brewers push the boundaries with higher gravity beers and use more adjuncts in experimenting its important not to cause yeast stress and have the correct nutritional support in the form of yeast nutrients.

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