Mosaic t90 (United Kingdom) Finishing Dry Hop Pellet 20g Tea Bag 2020 (Alpha Rating 11.6%)

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Mosaic t90 (United Kingdom) Finishing Dry Hop Pellet 20g Tea Bag 2020 (Alpha Rating 11.6%)

Mosaic© is an aroma hop developed by the Hop Breeding Company and released in 2012. Mosaic© is the daughter of Simcoe© and a Nugget-derived-male.

Finishing Hops

Get Er Brewed finishing hops are a simple way to add a fresh aroma and taste to your beer kit. They can be used by dry hopping ( simply add the infusion bag straight to the wort) or late hopping (placing the bag into hot water to make a hop tea which is then poured into the wort).

Each pack contains 20 grams of hop pellets in a easy to use infusion bag.

In almost no time, Mosaic© has become one of the most famous hops, predominantely due to its extreme fruitiness. Crop 2019 shows us the full potential of this hop variety. Passion fruit, mango, peach, banana and exotic fruit salad go hand in hand with green fruits like apple and pear, but also blackcurrant. In this composition, everything else plays a secondary role.

Aroma Characteristics

Mosaic©'s overall flavor profile is defined by citrus notes of lime and mandarin, green fruits such as gooseberry, vegetal and green aromas such as onion, tomato leaves, red pepper, cassis and peach. These are complemented by spicy notes of curry, chilli and myrrh.

Analysis Values
Growing Area United States
Heritage Simcoe© x m. Nugget
Alpha Acids 11.5 - 13.5 %
Total Polyphenols no data
Myrcene 47.0 - 53.0 % Total Oils
Beta Acids 3.2 – 3.9 %
Total Oil 1.0 - 1.5 ml/100 g
Linalool no data

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