New Homebrewing Products

So What's New in The Homebrew Industry?

Geterbrewed strive to lead the way with innovative new homebrewing equipment and ingredients, we are always sourcing new brewing equipment and supplies. The homebrew industry has evolved significantly in recent years and it in now a serious hobby, home brewers are happy to invest in premium quality brewing equipment and they want to brew something special and unique. Beer Makers are now using all in one brewing systems to do all grain brewing recipes, yes you can still buy a plastic fermenter and an isomerised malt extract kit but you can also brew a clone of your favourite craft-beer that's commercially available as the brewing technology evolves. Geterbrewed are passionate about educating the brewing community to help brewers brew successfully and consistently so we are writing articles in our homebrew blog and recently launched a Geterbrewed Brew School via our Youtube channel to keep you updated

How do you source new home brew products?

Geterbrewed staff travel to international trade shows to meet new brewing suppliers and because we are trusted as an industry leader we also get approached by many brewing companies asking for us to sell their brewery equipment and ingredients. We visit hop farmers direct to ensure we are receiving world leading quality brewing ingredients and we also design our own products as we use our extensive experience to problem solve and design new brewing equipment and brewing starter kits.

Have you tried the new Custom Grain Kit Service?

Geterbrewed are the first homebrew shop to offer a fully customised all grain recipe building service, you can buy all the ingredients that you need to brew a batch of beer in any quantity from all the ranges of malts, hops and yeast that we supply on the website, These ingredients are professionally packaged and super fresh to ensure you can brew the best possible beer at the best value. The new custom beer kit software was upgraded recently and key features now allow you to name your beer kit, store up to 4 recipes in your wishlist and you can move back and forth in the recipe builder with ease we have also filtered the hops to their country of origin and also filtered the range of malts according to their ebc (colour) This means you can create an all grain recipe with ease and there is no waste.

The latest Hop harvest?

Geterbrewed have attended during the hop harvest in many different countries now in search of the latest hop harvest and recently travelled to Australia to see the 2019 hop harvest take place, we proudly distribute hops for Simply Hops / Barth Haas / Hop Products Australia so we get access to the most sought after hop varieties in the world. World leading hops and hop products, we recently launched new BBC enhanced hop pellets make sure you try these amazing hops. We forward contract with our hop suppliers to ensure we receive the latest havest of hops, we also have invested in cold storage so you know you are getting the best possible hops in the industry, we added new branded Geterbrewed hop bags recently to offer the ability to reseal the hop packs and also to have the hop package with all details on alpha acid and traceability.

New Season Malt for your brewery?

Geterbrewed work closely with our maltings to ensure we monitor the change in season malt and new malt products, we ensure we are monitoring our mill settings and the geterbrewed staff are always carrying our grist analysis to ensure you are getting the correct crush. This year has seen the installation of a new revtech malt plant at Crisp Malt and we have seen some exciting trial batches already with many to more new malts to come. Heritage malts have also seen some old varieties revived from the seed banks and brought back to being commercially available, checkout Chevallier heritage Ale Malt, it's beautiful!

New All In One Brewing Systems?

Geterbrewed have a few options now and we have tested them at our monthly brew course and ensure they are the best systems for our customers to reliably brew great beer. If you need help choosing an all in one brewing system please contact us via email and we will make some recommendations based on what way you want to brew.

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New Strains of Yeast?

Geterbrewed recently launched Imperial Yeast to Ireland for the first time and in Ireland we exclusively distribute for lallemand yeast and we have championed their innovative new yeast strains for eg the lalbrew New England dried yeast and recently the launch of their new Kolsch style ale yeast. Lallemand have also recently launched a range of freeze dried bacteria that allows brewers to make kettle sours safely and successfully with their new Sourpitch product.

New Home Distilling Products?

Still Spirits are leading the way as we see real growth in the area of homemade spirits, we now see many of the commercially available distilling products becoming available in home distilling sizes. Geterbrewed have put together some excellent value complete distilling starter kits

New Kegs for Homebrew Beer?

Geterbrewed have sourced premium quality stainless steel corny kegs and mini kegs and a range of kegging accessories, we have sourced these kegs direct from the manufacturer, we know the build quality is premium and as we have bought a container load of kegs we have brought incredible value, there has never been a better time to buy a home kegging set up so you can enjoy carbonated draft beer at home.

What's new in Microbrewery Supplies?

We have expanded our offering to craft brewers substantially in recent months now acting as a complete one stop brewing ingredient shop, recent additions include water treatments, brewery cleaning solutions and clarification and fining products to complement our extensive offering of malt, hops and yeast.