The Get Er Brewed Team

Geterbrewed is an independent family-owned business with a passion for the brewing industry, we are proud to have built a talented team of people.

Our talented team consists of passionate brewers, distillers , homebrewers, we have a wealth of expertise in this industry and strive to provide you with the best possible service

Our team value each and everyone of our customers and we thankyou for allowing us all to do what we love.


Deborah (Managing Director)

Mother, Wife, Boss, Friend, Homebrewer, Accountant basically if it needs done she'll have her sleeves rolled up and always proudly pushing the brand forward

Jonathan (Operations Manager)

Looks after our key Microbrewery Accounts and keeps sourcing the best brewing ingredients from across the globe. Can be heard constantly talking about stock levels, exchange rates, the brand, customer service and couriers

Homebrew & Microbrewery Ingredient Specialists

Sheldon (Warehouse Shift Supervisor)

Sheldon wants to exceed your expectations, he brews, ferments and even keeps on top of an allotment, you all know he loves his job, often found in the warehouse running around with a sweat on, I said he wants to exceed your expectations that'll make you sweat

Jim (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Jim is a real gentleman and he packs the orders quickly to ensure there is no delay on your brew day. He makes a great cup of tea for the team at 10am too. Always showing Attention to details to make sure you get exactly what you ordered, he appreciates a nice beer

John (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

John spent a full career running his own business as a professional carpet fitter and as has finally found his calling at GEB. President of the local Fly fishing club and enjoying the entertainment of a shift at GEB.

Trevor (Warehouse Shift Supervisor)

A key team player and always motivating the team so we can be the best we can to all our brewers. Attention to details to make sure you get exactly what you ordered in a neat and tidy fashion. He enjoys to get out sea fishing with his kids and is always up for a laugh

Ricardas (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Ricardas not only speaks several languages he brings a wealth of talents to the team and packs order quickly and efficiently and wants to achieve delivery targets, he is constantly improving our premises too with his welding and engineering talents

Ross (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Ross packs order quickly and efficiently and wants to achieve delivery targets , he's recently joined the team and has hit the ground running, he loves cars you see him on the road to the warehouse with the car lowered as far as it'll go

Chris (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Chris loves to call you with his excellent customer service experience, he works effectively within the team ensuring your orders are dispatched on time, makes us all jealous of his long flowing locks

Cormac (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Cormac packs orders quickly and efficiently and wants to achieve delivery targets , a real people person & team player. He has a wealth of talent from his previous roles & belts out some great vocals and plays the guitar

Andrzej (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Andrzej is always smiling and loves to get your orders our super quick, he also works as an interpreter I did say we had a talented team….

Michael (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Michael joined the team recently, well organised and loving his role already as he is super keen homebrewer, he’s even got a beard so this job has just been made for him it seems.

Paddy (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Paddy has been a talented chef for many years and has came to work within the beer industry and loves packing your orders

Ciaron (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Joined us over the summer months as he is still in full time education, lives just around the corner and is eager to learn about the industry

Turlough (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Turlough's family run a farm near to the warehouse and he has a great work ethic and is eager to get your orders dispatched promptly, he's great experience in programming and is very passionate about sport and plays for his local team.

John P (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

John is half Italian half Swiss and brings a wealth of talent to the team, he has set up home near our warehouse is keen to grow with us as we expand, he has great engineering experience

Shea (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Shea is from literally just down the road, young and energetic and keen to build a career in the brewing industry

Jan (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Joined us recently with a career move away from bikes, always laughing and happy to be joining the team

Web Design / Compliance

Angela (Website Co Ordinator & Graphic Designer)

Angela brings a wealth of design experience to the team and will be working on promoting the user experience online

Jaijil (Website Coder)

Jaijil and his family moved from India to Northern Ireland as his wife works in the medical profession, he brings a wealth of talent in coding and has been assigned the task of improving our website user experience

Lauren (Sales Executive)

Lauren joined us to promote our range of craft beers and spirits and has been helping with that awesome task of compliance since Covid hit

Kiera (Customs Officer)

With the impact of Brexit we have recruited a Customs Officer to ensure smooth transition of goods across borders. Kiera has a keen interest in equestrianism and archery, partakes in a historical re-enactment group and loves to travel.

Brewers / Distillers

Neil (Distiller)

He distills our brand of Gin Frankie & Eileens, try it its beautiful Gin... Neil helped us pick up more than a few awards for this beautiful liquid

Kevin (Head Brewer)

Kevin is the head brewer at our co owned Brewery Hillstown Brewery, whilst he’s now a pro brewer and brewing consistently impressive beers distributed wide and far he still has a love for homebrewing and still makes wine at home. Kevin helps us when we install new Brewiks Microbrewery Set Ups, yeah he has the full hipster beard too

John (Brewer)

John joined us recently, he has travelled extensively and ran a brewpub in China for a short while. Currently helping us with a wide variety of roles and will soon be seen helping out onsite for our Brewiks Microbrewery customers. John enjoys hunting and brews his own Kombucha, Mead and basically anything that ferments.