Polaris T90 Hop Pellets / Germany / 2021 / AA: 19-23%

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Polaris T90 Hop Pellets / Germany / 2021 / AA: 19-23%

Polaris is one of four "new" hops released by The Hop Research Institute in Hull Germany in 2012. Polaris uses Huell germplasm on both sides. It boosts Nugget and an undisclosed Japanese breeding line, making a rather unique hop.

Polaris has a high Alpha acid, ranging from 18.65 to 22.5 %. However, this hop is not just for bittering, with its high oil content (4-5ml/100g) it has some great flavour. A dual-purpose hop bringing spice, pine and mint with aromas of fruit and floral.

Aroma & Sensory Description:

Polaris has an interesting combination of fruit, citrus and spice notes that actually put Cascade and Hallertau Mittelfruh to shame. It is most often noted to have a spicy fruit element of citrus and pineapple, along with a hint of floral. It also has a mint character of fresh menthol. All of this is accompanied by intense but clean bittering.

Key Flavours

spice, pine and mint with aromas of fruit and flora


ANCESTRY: Huell breeding line


ALPHA-ACIDS : 16.5 – 23.5%

BETA-ACIDS : 5 - 6.5 %


Note: Hop oil composition will vary between harvest years and where the hop was grown. The numbers above are an average only.

Oil Composition Breakdown (% of total)

Total Oils: 4 – 5 ml/100g

Myrcene Oil: ≈50%

Humulene Oil: 20 – 35%

Caryophyllene Oil: 8 – 13%

Farnesene Oil : <1.0%

B-Pinene Oil: Info not Available

Linalool Oil : 0.1 – 0.4%

Geraniol Oil: 0.1%

Typical beer styles: best suited specifically when used to achieve sensory differentiation of top fermenting, dark and speciality beers.

American Porter / Stouts / Blondes / IPAs / Pale Ales / Pilsners / Dark Lagers / Gose / Saison / Sours / Belgian Ales