Robiola Cheese Culture

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Robiola Cheese Culture

Robiola 10g Recipe: Pasteurise (optional) whole milk at 72℃ for 15 seconds.

When the milk drops to a temperature of 38℃. Add the culture for Robiola and leave in incubation for 5 minutes; Mix and, at a coagulation temperature of 34℃, Add the rennet.

The curd should be ready after 18/20 minutes. Cut this curd with the curd cutter so as to divide it into slices and then into cubes of 10 cm thick, working with great delicacy and let it rest for 10 minutes. Take off some whey and work the curd with the curd cutter until the pieces have a size of a nut. Shake this curd without breaking it for about 5 minutes and gently place the dough in moulds at a temperature of 35℃. Make the first turn after 20 minutes keeping the curd always warm. Second turn after 50 minutes. After a couple of hours turn again and put the cheese in the cell at a temperature of 8℃ with humidity in the cell of 80%. Salty in brine 20% NaCl for about 1 hour per kg of cheese.

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