Saaz (Czech) Leaf Hops 2019 (Alpha Rating: 3.1%) 100g

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Saaz (Czech) Leaf Hops 2019 (Alpha Rating: 3.1%) 100g

Saaz continues to be popular with brewers around the World and is a key contributor to the distinct aroma of the famous Czech pilseners. This traditional landrace delivers a mild but characteristic hoppy aroma profile.

Saaz is displayed very typically in 2019: green-grassy, woody and many different herbs, but also many earthy and hay-like aromas. A fine year for this special hop variety.

Aroma Characteristics

Spicy, woody, herbal – an unmistakable hop variety. It tastes of tobacco, cognac, barrique barrels, hay and leather.

Key Flavours

Spicy, Honey, Camomile Tea, Bergamot, Woody

Analysis Values
Growing Area Czech Republic
Heritage landrace variety
Alpha Acids 3-6 %
Total Polyphenols 5.5-7%
Myrcene 25.0 - 40.0 % Total Oils
Beta Acids 4.5-8 %
Total Oil 0.4 – 1.0 ml/100 g
Linalool 0.5 % Total Oils