Sabro Pale Ale Beer Kit

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Sabro Pale Ale Beer Kit

A sessionable beer kit using the up and coming hop star Sabro, the aroma is unique and is strong and complex.

Each beer kit contains:

  • 2 x 1.5kg of Super Premium Light Liquid Malt
  • 1 x Isomerised hop extract to creat 40 ibu’s
  • 3 x 20g hop tea bags for dry hopping (innovative hop tea bag technology, super fresh and latest harvest)
  • 1 x Premium Range Lallemand BRY 97 West Coast Ale Yeast
  • Starting Gravity: 1042
  • Final Gravity: 1012
  • ABV: 3.9%
  • 40 IBU’s

Download GEB Experimental Beer Series Instructions