SCT - Brewiks Simple Conical Tank

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Simple fermentation tank with a truly unique design.

All tanks are equipped with valves, fittings and electronics, and preset for immediate operation. Only forklift is needed to set them on spot.

Simple uninsulated non-pressurized, closed cylindroconical tanks


Total Volume

Volume toCIP ball

SCT 25k255 l210 l
SCT 25k*255 l210 l
SCT 30353 l310 l
SCT30k*353 l310 l
SCT 50620 l540 l
SCT50k*620 l540 l
SCT 801040 l930 l
SCT 1001.300 l1.200 l
SCT 1251.625 l1.500 l
SCT 1502.130 l2.015 l

*k stands for cooled conus. This option must be specifically noted in the order.

  • Laser cut and welded cooling stripe cylindrical and conical part for cooling with cold water or glycol;
  • Lid with a manhole cover with clamp closing up to 0,5 bar pressure on top;
  • Fitting for an air lock or CIP ball on top;
  • Two butterfly valves;
  • Sampling tap;
  • Temperature regulator
  • Magnetic valve for temperature regulation
  • Power distribution cabinet

Tanks are fully made of quality stainless steel AISI 304/316 and are equipped with:

*Price is inclusive of vat at 20%, this excludes delivery costs which will be quoted when your specific requirements are discussed, organise an appointment with one of our sales team email

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