Simcoe Cryo Hop Amber Ale Beer Kit

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Simcoe Cryo Hop Amber Ale Beer Kit

The new cryogenically freeze dried cryohops are show cased in this beer kit, they bring intense hop flavor and aroma, specific descriptors include passion fruit, pine, berry and earth characteristics

  • Starting Gravity 1042
  • Final Gravity 1012
  • ABV 3.9%
  • 40 IBU

Simcoe Cry Hop Amber Session Beer Kit contains

  • 2 x 1.5kg super premium light liquid malt
  • 1 x Isomerised hop extract to create 40 IBU’s
  • 1 x Hop Tea Bags for dry hopping, the Simcoe Cryohops (30g)
  • 1 x BRY 97 West Coast Ale Yeast

Download GEB Experimental Beer Series Instructions