Simcoe T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2021 / AA: 12.8%

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Simcoe T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2021 / AA: 12.8%

With Simcoe®, Yakima Chief Ranches bred a multi-purpose hop. It not only has a very special aroma, but also a high alpha content. Simcoe® was approved for cultivation in 2000.

Simcoe®, previously named YCR 14, was released in 2000 by Select Botanicals Group. It has since become one of the most popular hops for both the craft beer and homebrewing industries. At 12%-14% Alpha Acid, Simcoe has great bittering qualities, but also packs a complex aroma of stone fruit, pine, and citrus zest. It truly is a dual purpose hop that is capable of standing on its own in single-hopped beers in a wide range of styles.

Finishing Hops

Get Er Brewed finishing hops are a simple way to add a fresh aroma and taste to your beer kit. They can be used by dry hopping ( simply add the infusion bag straight to the wort) or late hopping (placing the bag into hot water to make a hop tea which is then poured into the wort).

Each pack contains 20 grams of hop pellets in a easy to use infusion bag.

Key flavours

Cassis, Blackberry, Plum, Grapefruit


Open pollination

Analysis Values
Country of Origin United States
Alpha Acids 12-14 %
Myrcene 60-65 %
Beta Acids
4-5 %
Total Oil 2 - 2.5 ML / 100G

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