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St Peters Beer Kits

St Peters Brewery Kits

There is four varieties of St Peters home brew kits

These are BREWERY DEVELOPED HOME BREW KITS allowing the homebrewer to make a pint of beer at home as good as the pint bought down the pub. St Peters home brew kits are of outstanding quality they use Suffolk locally grown barley in pale, wheat and coloured forms and these malts are carefully blended together according to the individual beer recipes.

Re create a brewery style beer in your home with a fantastic St Peters Beer Kit

The grist is then gently mixed with heated liquor (i.e. water) to produce the "mash". Control of temperature is critical here as it affects the beer all the way to the glass. The mash is next left to stand for one and a half hours while the starch and proteins from the malt are broken down to form sugars and other nutrients that the yeast will need during fermentation.

The nutrient-rich liquid which is produced is called "wort", is separated from the solid components of the mash by a process similar to coffee percolation, hot liquor is sprayed over the mash surface and clear wort is drawn through the bed of grains and collected in a vessel called a copper. Once all the wort has been washed from the mash it is brought to the boil in the copper.

From this point onwards hops are added at various stages to produce the characteristic hop flavour and aroma of St. Peter's beers. Challenger hops, grown in Kent, provide a strong, typically English flavour while Goldings give a rich and fine aroma. Cascade, and Fuggles hops are also used along with Suffolk Grown, 1st Gold, Soverign, Boadicea.

Once boiling is complete the wort is separated from the hops and cooled on its way to the fermenters, normally at this stage it would have the yeast added but it is then condensed and canned as concentrate and a yeast sachet is included.

The yeast used at St. Peter's and which creates the beer, was hand-picked from a collection of over 350 different strains held by the National Collection of Yeast Cultures based at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich. Their chosen strain gives all St. Peter's beers their unique character while the combination of yeast, malt, hops and water all help to create beers of the highest standard, full of English character. A brewery home brew kit that will really impress your friends and familt, we at Get 'er brewed highly recommend this home brew beer kit, a must try beer kit range