Styrian Golding t90 Hop Pellets 2018 (Alpha Rating 4%)

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Styrian Goldings t90 Hop Pellets 2018 (Alpha Rating 4%)

Breeding Properties:

Celeia is a triploid hybrid between autotetraploid Styrian Golding and 105/58 hybrid between Aurora (Super Styrian) and a Slovenian wild hop. It is a late variety, its optimal picking time in Slovenia being between September 6th and 12th. The plants have a form of a wide cylinder; the lateral shoots are 100 cm long. The vines are green, thick and long internodes. The leaves are large of deep green colour. The rootstock is slighty susceptible. The expected yield is about 2000 kg/ha. It is grown on moderately deep and deep clay soil. It is grown in Slovenia, Austria and Serbia. Large planting distance is required. The recommended pruning time in Slovenia is between April 1th and 10th. An average cone is 23 mm long and the average weight of 100 dry cones is 14 g. They are relativety dense, of green colour and do not get shattered when picked by a picking machine.

Characteristic Ingredients and Brewing Quality:

Celeia has a pleasant hoppy aroma. It contains 3 - 6 % of å± - acids (26 - 29 % of cohumulone). The ratio between å± - and - acids is about 1.7. The essential oil content varies from 0.6 to 3.6 % of dry hops. The ratio between å± - humulene and - caryophyllene in the essential oil is about 2.7. Celeia has a good storage stability. Beer prepared with this variety has good organoleptical scores for pleasant bitterness, which is harmonically linked to the aroma.

Celecia has distinctive perfume pine, lemon, citrus hoppy character it is fabulous aroma hop for dry hopping ales

Alpha Rating Co-Humulone Composition Origin Flavours Usage Best Used In
4% 26% - 29% Slovenia Piney,Citrus Aroma