Talus T90 (USA) Finishing Dry 20g Hop Pellet Tea Bag 2020 (Alpha Rating: 8%)

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Talus T90 (USA) Finishing Dry 20g Hop Pellet Tea Bag 2020 (Alpha Rating: 8%)

From farm to glass, TALUS is a sturdy hop that provides a great, consistent end flavour,” says Virgil McDonald, Innovations Brewmaster at John I. Haas. “Its bold aroma translates to strong brewing performance, with a versatility that lends itself to many beer styles, particularly hop-forward beers."

TALUS™ is a daughter of SABRO® HBC 438 c.v. and the result of open pollination.

Talus hops delivers big aromas of tropical fruits, pink grapefruit, dried roses, citrus rinds, sage and pine resin. These distinctive and impressive aromas remain throughout the brewing process. With Talus, what you smell in the field is what you’ll get in your glass.

Finishing Hops

Get Er Brewed finishing hops are a simple way to add a fresh aroma and taste to your beer kit. They can be used by dry hopping ( simply add the infusion bag straight to the wort) or late hopping (placing the bag into hot water to make a hop tea which is then poured into the wort).

Each pack contains 20 grams of hop pellets in a easy to use infusion bag.

Recommended Beer Styles

  • Wheat Ale, Golden Ale, Pale Ales, India Pale Lager (IPL), India Pale Ale (IPA),
  • Session IPA, New England IPA, Imperial IPA
  • American style lagers
Analysis Values
Country of Origin USA
Alpha Acids 8.1 - 9.5%
Beta Acids
8.3 - 10.2%
Total Oil: 2.0 - 2.7ml / 100g
Myrcene 40 - 50%
Humulene 16 - 21%
Caryophyllene 9 - 13%
Geraniol 1 - 3%
Farnesene 0 - 1%
Linalool 0 - 1%
Cohum(%) 34 - 39%
HSI (post Kiln)
0.198 - 0.229
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