The Grainfather S40 Brewing System

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The Grainfather S Series S40

The Grainfather have launched a brand new range and redesign across their offering, this has brought about the S Series, it’s been designed to be an entry level all in one all grain brewing system

You can brew up to 40 litres of craft beer at a time in the Grainfather s40 All In One. The system comes with an immersion SS wort chiller and is packed full of features to make every brew really simple. The S40 is built from high grade Stainless Steel , the S40 is reliable and robust.

The S40 will allow you to brew two full 19 l corny kegs per batch. The system has alot of features to make the system easy to use and beginner friendly. You can use in conjunction with the Grainfather app for a semi automated step by step guide throughout your brew


Sleek 304 stainless steel body

Easy to manage heating using the digital controller with backlit display

Built in pump & recirculation arm for maximum efficiency (RIMS- Recirculating infusion mashing system)

Wort cools easily with the immersion SS chiller

Recirculation arm for more efficient mashing

Dual element (1000w / 1300w) 2300w total on 10 amp

Backed by a two year warranty

What's included:

Grainfather S40

Built in pump

Grain Basket

Stainless Steel Lid

Immersion chiller, hoses and connection fittings

Recirculation arm and wort sprayer


Size 680 x 480 mm

Weight 18kg

Max Pre Boil volume : 46 litres

Batch Size : Maximum 40 litre, Minimum 10 Litre

Grain Bill Maximum 10kg, Minimum 5kg

Power 2300w, 230 v

Connectivity : None