The Grainfather SF70 Brewing System

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The Grainfather SF70 Conical Fermenter

Built to hold large batches of wort that can be easily moved around as the fermenter legs are on wheels

The GF SF70 can hold a capacity of 65 litres of wort, it's sleek stainless steel build quality allows for easy cleaning plus you can adjust the height of the vessel to suit your fermentation chamber and it has a yeast dump valve to remove trub, yeast & hops from dry hopping

If you like to brew big batches, this is the Conical Fermenter for you. With a 70L capacity and features to make fermentation fully controllable, the SF70 will give you the best results. Sleek, stainless steel and simple to use. The SF70 is a fermenter you can trust!!


* Sleek 304 grade stainless steel body

• Conical shape avoids yeast and sediment getting stuck to the sides of the fermenter

• Adjustable leg height and rolling wheels for easy manoeuvrability

• Easily dump yeast with a separate valve

• Insert temperature probes into the built-in thermowell for accurate temperature readings

• Transfer and take samples above the yeast and trub line with an accessible valve on the side of the unit

• Backed by a 2-year warranty

What's included:

Grainfather SF70

Stainless steel lid with 38mm tri clamp fitting

rubber bund and airlock


Cone mounted 10mm stainless steel dump valve

adjustable and remove-able legs complete with wheels


Size 1300 x 410mm (including airlock and in highest leg position)

Weight: 13kg

Capacity : 70 Litres

Max Fermentation Volume: 65 litres

Power : None

Connectivity: None

Cone Angle : 113 degrees