The House of Beaverdale Merlot Wine Kit

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The House of Beaverdale Merlot

An early ripening and productive grape that originated in France and which is now grown widely in many areas including California and Northern Italy. The grape produces a rich fruity non-astringent wine that, because of its softness, is often blended with many of the world's finest Cabernet Sauvignons such as Bordeaux.

Characteristics: Firm to soft and slightly fruity.

Appropriate Foods: Light red meats and game such as duck.

The House of Beaverdale a truly fantastic home brew wine kit that produces a pure grape concentrate of such high quality; it will have you producing home brew wines, rivalling wines produced professionally in the Vineyards of the world's great wine producing regions. In order to achieve this The House Of Beaverdale continually search the world's grape growing areas for grapes that will enhance this fantastic home brew wine range.

They now have grape juice that comes from Italy, Spain, California, Chile and Argentina, to name but a few countries. The House of Beaverdale only use pure grape juice and this is why the finished home brew wine will improve with keeping.

The House Of Beaverdale firmly believe that even within a week of the home brew wine being finished you will not buy a better product. Like all good wines your House of Beaverdale comes with that extra guarantee of quality.

All kits come complete so all you need to do is add water. These wines will improve with conditioning in the bottle, but within a week of making, you will be delighted with the finished taste.

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